Is Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee Different from Toraja Coffee?

Is Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee Different from Toraja Coffee?

If you often buy single-origin coffee blends or visit coffee shops that sell specialty beans, you probably have heard of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee. This coffee, which comes from South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, is often lumped together with Toraja coffee. Many coffee sellers and roasters even refer to certain single-origin blend as Toraja-Kalosi, as if the two are identical. The truth is: Sulawesi Kalosi coffee is not always the same with Toraja coffee, and the name can create confusion when the coffee is introduced as “single origin.”

Differences between Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee and Toraja Coffee

Kalosi is not the same with Toraja, so naming a single-origin blend “Toraja-Kalosi” can be confusing. Toraja is the name of famous regency in South Sulawesi. Kalosi is the name of a small town in Enrekang Regency in the same province, which is famous as a center of coffee markets. All types of coffee beans from various parts of South Sulawesi are sold in this town, which means that Toraja coffee beans are also sold here.

When locals call certain coffee as Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, they mostly refer to the fact that the coffee beans are sold in the market in Kalosi Town. This can mean various types of coffee in Sulawesi, such as Toraja, Bone-Bone, Masalle, Benteng Alla, and many more. Therefore, calling “Toraja-Kalosi” coffee as single origin is not exactly right.

Trademark and Arbitrary Naming of Coffee

While calling Sulawesi Kalosi coffee as “single origin” is not exactly right, the misunderstanding and lack of trademarks for various coffee types in Sulawesi can lead to further confusion. Toraja coffee has enjoyed particular popularity in various countries, but lumping the name “Toraja-Kalosi” together to call all coffee from South Sulawesi can damage the market for other coffee types that do not enjoy the same popularity. Your roasters or coffee sellers may have heard of Toraja or Kalosi, but have they heard of Masalle or Bone-Bone?

Lack of trademark and random names also present problems in tracing coffee origins.  The name Sulawesi Kalosi coffee does not always mean that certain coffee is planted in Kalosi area. When locals sell coffee beans in bulk, they often use random names to call their goods. Many people just call their coffee “Kalosi” simply because they sell the beans there, while the coffee beans may come from different areas. The lack of knowledge about trademarks, and the fact that many coffee companies in the world struggle in trademark war when their brands use certain geographical locations, make the problem even worse.

Tracing and Mapping Coffee Origins as Solutions

The naming problem that plagues Sulawesi Kalosi coffee is definitely something that must be solved in the future. The rising awareness of accurate tracing in coffee origins increases the needs for accurate mapping. Local traders and government can start by mapping the origins of their coffee beans from the farms to the market, and create archives for the coffee’s journey.

By creating accurate mapping system for coffee beans, we can erase misunderstanding around the name of Sulawesi Kalosi coffee. This is also an important step to take if South Sulawesi farmers want their coffee to be more famous among international coffee drinkers.

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