Why Sumatra Organic Coffee Is Better for Coffee Lovers?

Why Sumatra Organic Coffee Is Better for Coffee Lovers?

Sumatra coffee, which hails from the western part of Indonesia, is famous for its organic farming and processing. Sumatra organic coffee has become a notable aspect of almost all coffee types from Sumatra Island, because not only it contributes to the flavor and aroma, but also to your health. While organic coffee may be more expensive than the non organic one, Sumatra organic coffee offers several benefits that worth the money.

Why Sumatra Organic Coffee Is a Better Choice Than Non Organic Coffee?

Better Flavor and Aroma

Sumatra coffee, especially the types that come from the northern part of the island, is famous for the strong flavor and intense aroma. However, the lighter coffee from the southern part is also praised widely. The amazing flavor and aroma stem from the fact that most coffee types in Sumatra are farmed using organic methods. Organic coffee beans also have more fragrance that is usually associated with herbs, earth, or spices. While different areas in Sumatra produce coffee with different characteristics, Sumatra organic coffee beans make the flavors even better.

Safe from Pesticide

Traces of chemical pesticide can be found in various vegetables and fruits that are farmed in non organic ways. Sumatra organic coffee does not contain pesticide, since farmers use natural methods to get rid of pests from the coffee plants. You can feel safe when consuming Sumatra coffee that comes from organic coffee farms.

Safe Processing Method

In non organic coffee farms, coffee beans are washed with chemical solutions such as ammonia and chlorine before they can be consumed. This means that the coffee beans may still carry the traces of chlorine and ammonia (imagine if you consume coffee very day for years; how much chemical reside you will consume?). However, many farmers in Sumatra still use traditional methods to wash and process their coffee beans, resulting in Sumatra organic coffee beans that are free of dangerous chemical traces.

Environmentally-Friendly Farming

Organic coffee farming does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticide. Farmers in Sumatra use natural fertilizers from compost and livestock feces for their coffee plants, resulting in fresh and healthy Sumatra organic coffee. The entire process does not harm the environment, and keeps the soil and water free of chemical residues, so you do not need to feel guilty after enjoying a good cup of brew.

Healthier Cup of Coffee

Coffee can be good for your body; it is supposed to increase neural activities and provide natural antioxidant for healthier immune system. Sumatra organic coffee gives you even more health benefits. Not only it is safe from dangerous chemicals and pesticide residue, but the organic method also doubles the healthy aspects and increase the coffee benefits.

While it is true that Sumatra organic coffee provides the best flavor and aroma, some farmers actually switch to regular, non organic coffee farming after finding out that it is more profitable. However, if you want to consume healthier coffee and reduce negative impact to environment, Sumatra organic coffee can be your option.

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