5 Facts of Toraja Coffee Beans You Need to Know

5 Facts of Toraja Coffee Beans You Need to Know

Coffee lovers know Indonesia as the land of coffee in Asian continent, and Toraja coffee beans are considered the most favorite types of coffee from the country. However, unlike the other coffee varieties in Indonesia, Toraja coffee has special characteristics that make coffee drinkers around the world covet this coffee. Here are unique facts and special characteristics of Toraja coffee beans you need to know.

Unique Habitat and Soil Type for Toraja Coffee Beans

Each coffee variety in Indonesia has unique characteristics in flavor and aroma because of the different habitats and soil types. Toraja coffee hails from mountainous region in South Sulawesi, a fertile area with dark volcanic soil perfect for coffee plantation. This contributes to special flavor and aroma of Toraja coffee beans, which have been famous since the Dutch colonial era. The soil also creates subtle earthy hints in the flavor and aroma.

Subtle Spice Flavor and Aroma

Cementing Indonesia’s reputation as “the land of spices,” Toraja coffee has subtle hint of spices in its flavor and aroma. Depending on the origin of the coffee, your brew may carry different hints of spice. Some people reported cardamom or ginger, while others tasted black pepper or clove. However, if your Toraja coffee beans come from Kalosi, your brew may give hints of fruity and floral flavors instead.

Semi-Washed Coffee Processing

Coffee processing can affect the flavor and aroma of certain coffee beans. In the case of Toraja coffee beans, local farmers use a process called giling basah (semi-washed coffee processing). After the farmers pick coffee cherries, they put the cherries in depulper machine and dry them, leaving about thirty to fifty of percent of humidity before they peel the cherries until they get the green beans. This process creates intense sweetness and full body, which happen to be the characteristics of Toraja coffee.

One Specific Company for Export

Key Coffee is a company that facilitates Toraja coffee export to Europe, Japan and the US. Toraja coffee beans are so special and coveted that the export regulation is tight. All exports from Indonesia to Europe, Japan and the US must be done through Key Coffee; otherwise, it will be considered a trademark violation. Key Coffee also patented the name of “Toraja coffee” as their trademarks to protect the business.

Toraja Coffee as Luxurious Goods

Toraja coffee enjoys special popularity in Japan. Many Japanese consider Toraja coffee beans as luxurious goods. This coffee is a favorite among high-class people and expatriates, because the price is quite expensive despite dominating forty percent of coffee market in the country. Toraja coffee stand was also a favorite among visitors of 2008 Eco Product exhibition in Japan, and drew hundreds of people a day who want to enjoy a cup of this special brew.

Toraja coffee definitely stands out among all the coffee varieties from Indonesia, especially with their unique and special characteristics. If you want a special cup of brew with full body, smooth aftertaste, subtle spicy hints and earthy aroma, Toraja coffee beans should be in your shopping list.

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