Sulawesi Coffee Beans: 5 Reasons to Roast Them Medium-Dark

Sulawesi Coffee Beans: 5 Reasons to Roast Them Medium-Dark

When you manage to get high-quality Sulawesi coffee beans, roasting them perfectly is the next important step. Coffee beans from Sulawesi Island in Indonesia have unique characteristics: rich, thick-bodied, have subtle earthy or spicy hints, with low but multi-toned acidity. Medium-dark roast is recommended to enjoy a great cup of brew from Sulawesi coffee beans, and here are 5 reasons why you should do that.

Sulawesi Coffee Beans with Intense Flavor without Being Overly Bitter

Generally, Sulawesi coffee is recommended for people who love intense, strong and bitter cup of coffee. However, Sulawesi coffee can also present hint of sweetness that cuts through the bitterness. Medium-dark roast helps Sulawesi coffee beans release even more intense flavor and bitterness, but it also releases the subtle sweetness that creates delightful, bittersweet tone.

A Cup with Low Acidity

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee but cannot stand the acidity, the combination between medium-dark roast and Sulawesi coffee beans is great for you. The beans already have medium to low acidity, but the medium-dark roast helps reducing the acidity even more without ruining the “kick” of the brew. Sulawesi coffee’s acidity actually has rich and diverse undertone, so you should not let it disappear completely when roasting (something that can happen if you use dark roast method).

Bitter Chocolate Undertone for the Sweetness

Despite the thick body and intense flavor, some people may still find that Sulawesi coffee is a little too sweet for their taste (especially if they are serious coffee drinkers who love strong brew). Roasting Sulawesi coffee beans with medium-dark roast method will add more chocolate-y undertone, resulting in better balance between bitterness and slight sweetness. You can even taste a little caramel hint in your Sulawesi coffee after using medium-dark roast.

Great Coffee for Perfect Espresso

If you only love your coffee in espresso form, the combination between medium-dark roast and Sulawesi coffee beans is heaven. Medium-dark roasting creates the perfect intensity, bitterness and aroma that make great espresso from Sulawesi coffee. In fact, medium-dark is the perfect roasting level to get the best flavor if you want to enjoy espresso out of Sulawesi coffee. If you want to add milk foam without losing the kick, you can use dark roast method (but this also means erasing the unique fragrance and subtle chocolate/spice hints from the brew).

More Flexibility in Making Various Coffee Drinks

You may love your coffee black, but if you desire some good coffee recipes with other ingredients, medium-dark roast creates that opportunity. Sulawesi coffee beans that are roasted with this method are great to be brewed with espresso machine, automatic drip, or Vietnam coffee pot. Medium-dark roast method makes the coffee great for making recipes with other ingredients such as sweet-condensed milk, milk foam, or sugar. As explained before, dark roast is also good to make coffee drinks, but the result is not pleasant to enjoy as black coffee.

Coffee with different characteristics and flavors must be processed with roasting method that fits the beans. Medium-dark roast is definitely a great roasting method that makes your Sulawesi coffee beans shine as good brew in your coffee cup.

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