Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee Flavor Profile from North Sumatra

Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee Flavor Profile from North Sumatra

Sumatra coffee comes in various types and flavor profiles, but there is no coffee that holds such high distinction as Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee. Produced in the plantations near Lake Toba, North Sumatra Province, this coffee is regarded as one of the best-tasting coffee types in the northern part of Sumatra Island. Find out what flavor characteristics this coffee possess, and what you can expect when facing a cup of Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee.

Sumatra Blue Lintong Coffee has Rich, Thick, but Fragrant

Many types of Sumatra coffee are regarded as dark, strong, and intense in flavor. People who love strong coffee are suggested to try Sumatra coffee, especially variants from the northern part of the island. While Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee possess the same richness, thick body and intensity, it also has fragrant aroma and certain crispness, which helps reducing the “brooding” sensation in the mouth.

Prominent Floral or Spice Hints

Depending on the coffee beans, you can get distinctive floral or spice hints from this coffee. People who enjoyed well-brewed Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee reported fragrant hints like flowers such as lavenders or tropical flowers. Meanwhile, others reported hints of citrus fruits, coconut, or spices. Even the lightest roasting method can make the beans immediately spilling out this fragrance. This is why drinking a good cup of Blue Lintong is a great experience.

Bright Acidity and Lingering Aftertaste

Like other coffee types from northern part of Sumatra, Blue Lintong has medium-low acidity. However, Sumatra coffee tends to have sharp acidity, despite the latter being low. The acidity in Blue Lintong tastes rather light and even “bright,” which is great for people who enjoy good acidity in coffee but do not want to get strong kick from it. When you drink Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee, you will taste subtle hint of spicy aftertaste lingering in your mouth, even after you gulp down the coffee.

Chocolate, Forest Soil and Caramel in Flavor

Although the aroma is bright and amazing, Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee has satisfying thick body that carries hints of caramel, dark chocolate, and even forest soil. This is a great combination with thick body, bright acidity, and lingering aftertaste.

Flavor and Aroma Lock during Roast

Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee beans are able to release their best aroma and taste even after they are roasted for quite a long time (such as if you use city roast or long roast method). You will notice that the beans will stay in light brown color even after city roast, instead of going super dark. If you do cupping, you will almost immediately detect the accumulated fragrance.

Great for All Roast Methods

Blue Lintong is great to be paired with various roasting methods. Light roast will emit the fruity and floral hints, such as cherries, coconut, citrus, and lavenders. Medium-dark roast will create “thicker” fruity hints, with additional chocolate and perhaps spices. Dark roast or espresso roast creates rich, intense fruity hints.

Blue Lintong is probably one of the most exclusive coffee types from Sumatra due to its unique fragrance, taste, and flavor profile. Enjoy a cup of Sumatra Blue Lintong coffee if you want an exclusive blend with low acidity, amazing fragrance, and lingering aftertaste.

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