Best Espresso Machine and Grinder for Your Home

Best Espresso Machine and Grinder for Your Home

Espresso and cappuccino is no longer something you can only get at coffee shop. Espresso machine and grinder is now available as household appliance you can buy for your kitchen. Many of these home machines are quite sophisticated, although not as expensive and high-tech as commercial espresso machines. If you plan to enjoy fresh cup of espresso or cappuccino at home, here is the list of best espresso machine and grinder you can consider buying.

Best Espresso Machine and Grinder 

DeLonghi Magnifica Esam 3300

If you love espresso, latte and cappuccino with steamy milk foam at home, the Magnifica Esam 3300 from DeLonghi can be your option. Made of stainless steel and equipped with automated system, this espresso machine and grinder produces not only great espresso brew, but also has frother to create foamy coffee beverage. This espresso machine and grinder creates perfect hot espresso shot and froth because the boiler is small, making the heat distribution aspect better. It also has double broiling system, which means you can make both espresso and frothy milk at the same time.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

If you only have really short time to prepare a perfect espresso cup, Breville got you covered. This espresso machine and grinder is known for making super quick espresso and cappuccino; you only need about one minute to get a cup of espresso and less than two minutes to get a perfect cappuccino. The machine is operated in semi-manual way, and the system allows water to be in consistent temperature, to ensure the best coffee quality. Unfortunately, the espresso machine and grinder can only make brew for one to two cups of coffee at most, which means extra time for more cups of coffee.

Capresso Team TS 465

Capresso Team may look modest, but do not let the look fools you. The TS 465 espresso machine and grinder is designed for owners of small kitchen; it is compact, but delivers great espresso quality. The machine has thermal carafe that can finish the process of coffee brewing inside it, resulting in perfect brew that stays perfect when you are ready to pour it. The machine also has conical grinder, which grinds the coffee beans efficiently without losing the flavor. Keep in mind that this one only makes coffee.

Cuisinart DGB 550BK

Another coffee machine with its own carafe, this espresso machine and grinder is quite small and affordable, perfect for those with modest kitchen. However, it has the ability to keep the coffee temperature by pouring it into glass carafe that can keep the temperature for quite a long time. You can make maximum twelve cups of coffee with this machine, and you can use either coffee beans or coffee powder. Just like Capresso, the modest-looking coffee machine does not make cappuccino.

Having the perfect espresso machine is a great way to enjoy café-quality brew every day at home. Even if you do not have much money to go to café, good quality espresso machine and grinder will become a good investment for many years to come.

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