Best Way to Use Coffee Grinder Brewer Combo

Best Way to Use Coffee Grinder Brewer Combo

Having appliances with combined functions at home is no longer luxury for some, including coffee grinder brewer combo. While this machine is definitely convenient, some people still struggle in making the best coffee, even if they already tried various coffee beans. This is because the key to make good coffee is not just the beans, but also how you use the machine properly. Here is how you can use coffee grinder brewer to make the best coffee at home.

Best Way to Use Coffee Grinder Brewer 

Treat the Coffee Beans Properly

If you grind the beans yourself, make sure the beans are treated in proper manner, to keep the flavor and aroma intact. Your beans must be stored in tightly-closed container, in dark and cold place. Also, make sure you use the right grinding level for different coffee beans and beverages (you can look up at grinding charts that are available online). Regular coffee grinder brewer is usually fine with medium grind.

Use the Right Water Temperature

You must use the right temperature to get the best flavor of coffee. If the water temperature is too high, the coffee beans will get scalded. If the temperature is too low, you cannot get the best extraction. The ideal temperature for regular coffee grinder brewer is between 91 and 96 Celsius degree. If you boil the water first, turn off the heat and let the water sits for 60 minutes before using it for coffee.

Check the Brewing Setting

Many coffee grinder brewer machines have settings that regulate the amount of coffee being brewed in the machine. This is especially true in the type of machine that pours the coffee right into the cup or even travel mug. Make sure you use the correct brewing amount setting before making the coffee, and adjust the amount based on the guidance in the machine’s manual.

Remove the Coffee Grounds Immediately after Brewing

After the brewing process is finished, you should throw away the coffee grounds from the coffee grinder brewer. This is to prevent your coffee from becoming too bitter because of over-extraction. If your coffee machine uses mesh basket filter, throw the coffee away. If you use paper filter, just throw away the paper with the coffee grounds. This way, you can get the right coffee flavor, even if you do not immediately pour and drink all the coffee.

Clean the Coffee Machine Regularly

Home coffee machine is usually easier to clean. Do not wait until your coffee shows strange flavor or coloring before cleaning the coffee grinder brewer. Minerals from water can cause scalding and blockage inside the coffee machine. Also, oil residue from coffee beans can soil some internal parts. If there is water blockage problem in the machine, you can try running water mixed with a little vinegar through the heating tube.

Making coffee at home is part art. You may need to experiment a couple of times until you find your exact level of brewing. Once you get the right brew, you should remember the setting you use. Just make sure to clean your coffee grinder brewer regularly, and you will always get the best coffee at home.

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