Best Manual Coffee Grinder for Espresso during Travel

If you often travel or camp outdoor, access to high-end coffee grinder becomes limited. Luckily, you can always rely on manual coffee grinder for espresso shot anytime you want, without depending on heavy electric grinder or electric outlet. Here is the list of manual coffee grinder for espresso if you want to enjoy good coffee during your trip.

Manual Coffee Grinder for Espresso during Travel

Hario Mill Slim Mini

A frequent traveler needs everything in his or her bag convenient and practical, even the stuffs for comfort. Hario Mill Slim Mini is an affordable, compact coffee grinder for espresso that has all those qualities. With super light weight, slim form, and price that is only around $43, Hario Mill Slim Mini produces quite good grounds for coffee, although maybe the consistency is a little off for “coarse bean” method such as French press.

 Porlex JP 30

If space is your main concern when traveling, Porlex JP 30 is your choice. Unlike the more famous Hario products, this coffee grinder for espresso is sleeker, and with stainless steel coat that will catch anyone’s eyes. However, because of the size, some people may have difficulties gripping this grinder when making coffee grounds (such as those with weak grip or carpal tunnel syndrome). While this is definitely not for daily use, Porlex JP 30 only costs $43 and is a great choice for travelers with limited space of suitcase.

Hario Canister

This is a great coffee grinder if you have extra space in your suitcase, since the shape resembles old-school grinder, plus a mason jar on the bottom. Hario Canister looks great in a kitchen and certainly brings back the nostalgia aspect. Plus, the cost is not too expensive; only around $63. However, while it wins in design, the coffee grinder for espresso is probably not the best companion for those with limited carried space.

Hario Acrylic Box

This manual grinder is a bit strange at first for a travel companion, thanks to the sturdy box shape. However, Hario Acrylic Box gives you secure feeling when you use it on various surfaces. This coffee grinder for espresso has rubber on the bottom, which makes it more stable when you put it on a flat surface. Plus, it also gives quite consistent grinding result. Hario Acrylic Box costs around $73.

Hario Skerton

One of the most well-known manual grinders, Hario Skerton offers the best coffee grounds consistency, although you need to work faster to create good fine grounds. It costs around $52, but the new design makes the spending worth it. This coffee grinder for espresso now has rubber bottom to ensure more stability when you exert all your power in grinding. It is also quite portable and contains only glass and ceramic elements, which means the grinder is rustproof and will not cause a scene at the airport metal detector.

Manual grinder is a good friend for all coffee lovers who often travel but love to enjoy good coffee everywhere. Use this list of manual coffee grinder for espresso to determine your next companion for making coffee when traveling.

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