Differences between Luwak Coffee Process and Regular Coffee

Differences between Luwak Coffee Process and Regular Coffee

Most coffee lovers usually already know about luwak coffee process, albeit perhaps only the rudimentary. While the actual beans are actually similar with any other coffee (Arabica and Robusta), the specific process makes luwak coffee a special type of beverage. However, you probably have no idea the detailed process that turns regular coffee beans into luwak coffee. Here is luwak coffee process in details you need to know.

Luwak Coffee Process

How We Get the Best Coffee Beans?

First of all, we need the best coffee beans to make a great cup of brew, so selection process is important. In luwak coffee process, farmers usually wait for luwak (civet) to eat coffee cherries before they defecate. The farmers then collect the beans from their droppings and wash them. Since civets have instincts to pick the best coffee to eat, farmers can be sure that they only get high quality beans.

In this luwak coffee process, the enzyme in luwak’s digestive system will alter the beans slightly, resulting in unique flavor and aroma that you cannot find in any other coffee types. The coffee bean fermentation process in luwak’s stomach is said to be the most perfect in the world. According to several studies, this fermentation process equals to manmade coffee fermentation method, which requires storage in wooden or cement containers covered with wet rag. In manmade fermentation process, this can last between 5 and 8 years. In luwak’s stomach, this process only takes about 10 hours.

The Flavor and Aroma of Luwak Coffee

So, how perfect is the luwak coffee ? If you can get your hand on the best coffee beans, which can cost around USD100 per kilogram, you can immediately taste the difference. The coffee has full body and great aroma, with syrupy-like thickness that runs smoothly through your mouth and throat. However, if you have low caffeine tolerance level, do not worry. Luwak coffee process decreases the caffeine level in the beans, resulting in lower caffeine level.

Some people argue that “wild” coffee luwak (which comes from wild civets eating coffee and their droppings are picked up by farmers) is better than luwak coffee from farm. This is because the original luwak coffee process is altered; instead of letting the civet picking the coffee, farmers give them coffee cherries to eat. This means that civets no longer pick their own coffee to eat. However, this largely depends on the farmers’ treatments toward the luwak and the quality of coffee they give at the first place.

Is Luwak Coffee Worth Your Money?

This is a largely subjective decision, because everyone has different taste in coffee. Luwak coffee is generally a strong and thick coffee, with long aftertaste and syrupy texture, as well as low level of caffeine. Natural luwak coffee truly tastes great, so if you have money and want to taste the best coffee in the world, luwak coffee can be your option.

There are not many coffee types that have unique characteristics like luwak coffee. Unique luwak coffee process is the key that creates the coffee’s appeal. With such fast, perfect fermentation, it is no wonder that luwak coffee process creates the best coffee in the world.

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