Best Coffee and Chocolate at Luwak Coffee Farm in Pulina

Best Coffee and Chocolate at Luwak Coffee Farm in Pulina

If you love coffee and plan to visit Bali anytime next year, do not forget to visit the most famous luwak coffee farm in Gianyar. Called Bali Pulina Agro Tourism, this is an integrated agro tourism venue that combines 1.5 hectare of plantation area with traditional café, luwak (civet) farm, tasting venue, and cultural center. If you love coffee and want to taste the original coffee, tea and chocolate in Bali, you can try visiting this luwak coffee farm.

Luwak Coffee Farm in Pulina, Bali

Things to Do at Bali Pulina

Bali Pulina is not the only coffee farm in Bali, but this integrated agro tourism venue offers the best experiences of coffee tasting and cultural education. This place is recommended for any travelers, including the whole family. Here are great things you can do at this luwak coffee farm:

1. Coffee Tasting

Bali Pulina’s coffee plantations offer wide arrays of great coffee beverages to taste, which are made of Bali coffee and luwak coffee (options include ginger coffee, chocolate coffee, and vanilla coffee). The tasting experience is unique because you are presented with several small cups of coffee in a wooden “tray,” and you can experience various unique flavors and aroma.

2. Tea and Chocolate Tasting

What if your companion does not enjoy coffee? He or she can try tea and chocolate tasting instead. Besides luwak coffee farm and coffee plantation, Bali Pulina also has tea and chocolate plantations, which produce homemade tea and chocolate. You can also enjoy pure cocoa drink in the tasting tray.

3. Enjoying Traditional Snacks

Bali Pulina is not just all about luwak coffee farm and coffee-tasting; it also wants to introduce traditional snacks to all visitors. Your entrance fee already covers some traditional snacks the staff serve with the tasting session, such as fried banana, steamed banana, fried sweet potato, and various local cakes. You can also enjoy cookies made with chocolate and coffee from the plantations.

4. Seeing the Process of Luwak Coffee Making

As a luwak coffee farm, Bali Pulina strives to educate visitors about this special type of coffee. You can see coffee roasting and processing, with explanations from the guide.

5. Being Educated about Local Culture

Bali Pulina has educational program for visitors, in which they showcase collections of traditional equipment and tools for making coffee, tea, and herbal drinks. This makes the farm a popular destination among locals who want to know about their culture. There are also visitors from different provinces and even countries who are interested in traditional coffee culture in Bali.

Aside from these activities, you can also buy packs of coffee, tea, herbal drinks and chocolate from this luwak coffee farm.

 Tips to Visit Bali Pulina Coffee Farm

Currently, the entrance fee of Bali Pulina is Rp100.000 (around USD7.44). This entrance fee covers the tasting and snacks between the cups (to neutralize your tongue). However, you need to spend extra if you want to buy coffee, tea, herbal drinks, or chocolate. This place opens every day from 7AM to 7PM, except during Nyepi Holiday. Check event calendar for further information about when you cannot visit.

Bali is famous for its coffee, but there is nothing beats the experience of tasting coffee near its plantation. Bali Pulina luwak coffee farm is an integrated agro tourism venue that combines great coffee and educational experiences.

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