How to Roast Sumatra Lintong Coffee into Perfection

How to Roast Sumatra Lintong Coffee into Perfection

Different types of specialty coffee need special roasting methods, and Sumatra Lintong coffee is not an exception. Imagine getting a bag of high quality, single-origin Lintong coffee beans. Will you ruin them by roasting them the wrong way? If you are a true coffee connoisseur, you will want to make the best cup of coffee in your life. Make sure you know how to roast Sumatra Lintong coffee to get the best flavor and aroma of this specialty coffee.

How to Roast Sumatra Lintong Coffee

Ideal Flavor of Sumatra Lintong Coffee

When it comes to Sumatra coffee, many people usually imagine coffee with full body, syrupy thickness and smooth flavor, high acidity, and subtle hints of woods, nuts, or earth. Sumatra Lintong coffee has all these characteristics, which makes it great as a choice for serious coffee drinker. Most of these coffee beans are from Arabica variant, which has higher acidity level than Robusta, so coffee drinkers who do not like the acidity usually mix some Robusta beans with the coffee.

Sumatra Lintong coffee also has good body to match more aromatic coffee beans. This is why Sumatra coffee often becomes the “base” when it comes to blending. Coffee roasters then blend lighter, more aromatic coffee beans to be paired with this coffee, such as African, Java, or Hawaiian coffee. While the heaviness and acidity are the unique characteristics of Sumatra Lintong Coffee, the high acidity and bold flavor will become unpleasant combination if you roast it wrong.

Tips to Roast Sumatra Lintong Coffee

If you have high quality Sumatra Lintong coffee beans, do not waste them by roasting carelessly. Wrong roast method can result in super bitter and acidic coffee. Here are some tips of how you can roast this coffee the right way:

1. Start slowly

Sumatra Lintong coffee beans are a little delicate when it comes to roasting. If you stop after the first crack, you will get super acidic flavor, especially if you roast them too fast. The key is to start very slow; use lower temperature than you usually use, which results in a time lapse between 1 and 2 minutes before the first crack appear.

2. Finish fast

After the first crack, your coffee may still be too acidic and strong. This time, turn up the heat a little bit, and make sure the second crack comes fast. You can try experimenting to see what kind of flavor you want to get.

3. Blend with other beans

Like mentioned before, you can mix Lintong coffee beans with Robusta beans from other coffee varieties to reduce the acidity and add the flavor layer. You can blend the coffee with lighter, more aromatic coffee, with the 50/50 portion. For example, you can blend Lintong coffee with Brazilian Santos, Hawaiian Kona, or African coffee, for more aroma and flavor layer.

In the end, roasting and blending coffee requires trial-and-error, as well as some experiments to find the right coffee flavor for your own personal taste. Make sure you roast your Sumatra Lintong coffee the right way, so you can enjoy its best qualities without tasting too much acidity or bitterness.

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