Why Flores Bajawa Coffee Name Will No Longer Exist?

Why Flores Bajawa Coffee Name Will No Longer Exist?

Flores coffee has raised its game since 2005, thanks to research and innovation methods that produce some of the best coffee types from this area, such as Flores Bajawa coffee and Manggarai coffee. However, you will not likely to hear such specific names anymore, because of new policy that will combine the names of those coffee variants into one single name, in order to create strong identity for both Manggarai and Flores Bajawa coffee as a single-origin coffee.

The Future of Flores Bajawa Coffee

Bajawa Coffee’s Name Change for Future Competition

Originally, Flores has Bajawa and Manggarai coffee as two of the most distinctive coffee variants. However, according to Head of Agriculture and Plantation Office in East Nusa Tenggara, Yohannes Tay Rupa, combining both names into one distinctive coffee name will give Flores coffee more opportunity to compete with other Indonesian coffee variants, such as Gayo, Mandailing, Aceh, Bali, and Java coffee. In the future, he hopes that the renaming plan can establish Flores coffee as specialty, single-origin coffee.

Both Manggarai and Flores Bajawa coffee names will merge into Kopi Arabika Flores (Flores Arabica coffee). With the name merging plan, Yohanes hoped for Flores coffee in general to be more famous in international coffee trade. Plus, this renaming plan will give way to other future plan, which is earning geography certificate for Flores coffee. Formal certification, according to Yohanes, will help Flores Bajawa coffee and Manggarai coffee to compete with other coffee types in the world.

United States has imported around 300 kilograms of Flores coffee per year, but Yohanes has hoped that East Nusa Tenggara can achieve the target of 1,000 kilograms of Flores coffee export to the country.

Flores Bajawa Coffee’s Potential in the Future

Despite the plan to merge all the names of Flores coffee into one patented name, Flores Bajawa coffee is still a well-known specialty coffee that has only taken off since mid 2000’s. While the export may still be miniscule, Flores coffee apparently has captured the hearts of coffee lovers in the US and Europe, especially those who enjoy strong yet smooth flavor. Flores Bajawa coffee does have similar characteristics with the stronger Sumatra coffee variants, although with some subtle but distinctive traits.

For example, Bajawa coffee has greenish to bluish tone, and also possesses subtle earthiness, wood, and chocolate hints. There is also sheer smokiness that you can feel in your mouth and at the back of your throat. However, despite the strong flavor and thick body (which almost tastes like syrup), Flores Bajawa coffee has low acidity. This perfect combination is definitely ideal for the coffee to face international competition. The price may be a little expensive, since this coffee is still rarer than Sumatra, Java, or Sulawesi coffee. However, Indonesia can feel optimistic about the future popularity of Flores coffee in the world.

While the renaming plan may remove the specific names such as Manggarai and Bajawa coffee, Indonesia seems ready to bring Flores coffee forward as its new prima donna. Thanks to the rising popularity of the product and meticulous plans from local government, Flores Bajawa coffee definitely will have bright future in international coffee trend.

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