5 Reasons Green Mountain Sumatra Coffee Pods are Keurig’s Best Product

5 Reasons Green Mountain Sumatra Coffee Pods are Keurig’s Best Product

Keurig may not be favorite brand for some people, especially the self-professed “coffee snobs.” However, Sumatra coffee pods from Keurig turn out to be one of the best products for quick but delicious coffee you can make with Keurig machine. The Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve is a package of K-Cups that currently get rave reviews in Amazon and coffee-related websites or blogs. If you want to give Keurig K-Cups a try, here are good reasons why these Sumatra coffee pods are great choices.

Green Mountain Sumatra Coffee Pods

1. Wonderful Flavor with Rich Undertones

Some people do not associate “rich and smooth” with Keurig coffee, but The Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve is just like that. These Sumatra coffee pods offer rich coffee typical of the beans planted in the northern parts of Sumatra Island, with the combination between earthy, dark chocolate, and a little woody tones in its flavor. The flavor characteristics are something you can find from dark roast, which is a common way to prepare Sumatra coffee.

2. Balanced Flavor without Bitter Aftertaste

When it comes to strong coffee flavor like in Sumatra coffee, some people are afraid of bitter aftertaste and overly-acidic flavor. These Sumatra coffee pods from Keurig offer balance between acidity, bitterness and smooth flavor. Plus, there is no bitter aftertaste that often happens if you make badly roasted Sumatra coffee. If you enjoy strong, dark, bitter coffee without bad aftertaste, Keurig’s Sumatra coffee pods are your choice.

3. Cheap Price for Good Quality Coffee

We know not every person has time to grind and roast coffee, and prefer coffee machine, despite having strong taste toward coffee. Also, not every person has money to allocate for expensive coffee machine and separate grinder. Keurig’s Sumatra coffee pods offer great flavor and aroma without much spending. The price is only around $62 per 4-box package, with one box contains 24 Keurig Cups. This means that each cup only costs a little more than 60 cents. This is definitely a good trade for high quality coffee that you can make quickly.

4. Package That Keeps the Coffee Fresh

Even if you do not store coffee beans, high quality coffee can taste funny once the package seal is broken, or if the air comes in freely. Keurig’s Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve comes with airtight package and seal for each individual cups. This means that the coffee flavor and aroma will stay fresh until you are ready to make your cup.

5. Good Coffee for Your Conscience

Do you enjoy specialty coffee but feel bad about farmer’s exploitation? Are you committed to only consume organic products? Have no such fear and be at ease with Keurig. The Sumatra coffee pods are made of coffee beans that are Fair Trade Organic certified. This means you do not need to feel guilty when drinking this coffee, because Keurig works together with small farmers in Sumatra to give them fair price.

If you prefer quick, convenient coffee with high quality, you can always choose Keurig’s Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve. These Sumatra coffee pods are organic, fair trade coffee with amazing flavor, great aroma, and competitive price tag.

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