5 Facts about Flores Coffee for Serious Coffee Lovers

5 Facts about Flores Coffee for Serious Coffee Lovers

When you browse through selections of Indonesian coffee, you probably see a lot of Java, Sumatra, Bali, or Sulawesi coffee, but not much Flores coffee. Despite having distinctive characteristics in flavor and aroma, this coffee is sadly not as famous as the others. While more efforts are necessary to make this coffee more famous, you should know some great facts about Flores coffee and why it deserves your attention.

Interesting Facts about Flores Coffee

1. Flores Coffee Development in the 21st Century

Before 2005, coffee industry in Flores was not known for its quality, which explained why the coffee from that area was not welcomed well. In 2005, an institute in Indonesia that specializes in cocoa and coffee research found the most effective methods to increase the quantity and quality of Flores coffee production. Now, you can find about a dozen areas that produce high quality coffee, which is a great progress.

2. High Quality Arabica Coffee

Do you love Arabica coffee? If yes, you will enjoy Flores coffee, since the majority of coffee grown in this area is Arabica (most of Indonesian coffee variants are Robusta). Also, coffee plantations in Flores are mostly located in the elevation between 1,200 and 1,800 meters from the sea surface, and farmers only pick the cherries when they are fully ripe. When the coffee beans are dried, farmers put them on top of African beds, so they do not make contact with the ground.

3. Unique Processing Method

Farmers in Flores usually process coffee using the technique called giling basah (wet hulled/semi-washed). This means that farmers usually wait for 30% to 50% of moisture leaves the coffee, before they start hulling the coffee and drying it again. This results in unique greenish or bluish appearance on Flores coffee beans, which is also a typical look you can find in Sumatra coffee beans.

4. Distinctive Flavor and Aroma

If you think Sumatra coffee is unique, and you enjoy the subtle earthiness from the flavor, you should try Flores coffee. The wet hulled processing method causes the beans to develop unique flavor and aroma. Coffee from Flores tends to have low acid but heavy body, with thickness that coats your entire inner mouth. You can also detect subtle hints of earth, wood, chocolate, and even a little floral notes in it. Some people even detect a little smoky hint from Flores coffee, which makes it even more distinctive.

5. Ideal Beans for Single-Origin Espresso

Some coffee beans are great for single-origin espresso, while others need to be blended with other beans to create great flavor. If you love specialty espresso, good news for you! Coffee from Flores is one of the best coffee types that you can turn into delicious, single-origin espresso. The unique flavor, smokiness, and aroma make it perfect as a delicate espresso cup. Flores coffee is also great for either light or dark roasts, but please not that these beans can take a little longer to crack.

This coffee may be not as famous as other coffee types from Indonesia. However, Flores coffee’s unique flavor and characteristics will make you fall in love with this Eastern Indonesian coffee.

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