5 Facts of Toraja Coffee Review for Serious Coffee Lovers

5 Facts of Toraja Coffee Review for Serious Coffee Lovers

Indonesia has many coffee types that present unique flavor characteristics, but Toraja coffee review definitely shows some unique distinctions compared to other Indonesian coffee variants. Aside from its luxury status in Japan, and the relative rarity in the US, Toraja coffee is worth your money and efforts if you love specialty coffee. Here are 5 points of Toraja coffee review that become its unique characteristics.

Interesting Facts of Toraja Coffee Review

1. Diverse Hints in Aroma and Flavor

One thing that makes Toraja coffee stands out among other Indonesian coffee types is the diversity in aroma and flavor hints. One thing that you will always find in Toraja coffee review is subtle hints of various things: smoke, tobacco, spices, honey, dark chocolate, and even citrus. The dominant flavor and aroma may be a bit different for each person, but this richness seems to be the dominant trait of Toraja coffee.

2. Thick Body, Smooth Sensation

Another typical Toraja coffee review is the thick body, which almost feels like enjoying a mouthful of bittersweet syrup. Add to the fact that the coffee has high acidity, and you will experience a rather punchy sensation. The acidity makes this coffee not suitable for people whose stomach cannot tolerate coffee with high acidity. This is also the reason why recommended roast for Toraja coffee is between medium and medium-dark, to cut off the acidity a little if necessary. However, there is also certain degree of smoothness in the flavor, and you can taste it when the coffee touches all parts in your mouth.

3. Bold yet Bittersweet Flavor

Any Toraja coffee review will mention bold and strong flavor, with certain level of brisk that definitely serves serious coffee lovers well. However, this intense and strong flavor is balanced with bittersweet hint. This gives the coffee extra layer of flavor dimension, so you can avoid overly bitter coffee and too-strong coffee.

4. Great and Long Aftertaste

Imagine having a delicious cup of coffee that has horrible aftertaste! Or, imagine enjoying pleasant aftertaste after sipping coffee, only to find that the aftertaste disappears too quickly before you savor it. Toraja coffee review mentions great and rich aftertaste, which is something all serious coffee lovers look for. Furthermore, this pleasant aftertaste does not go away after you swallow the coffee.

5. Deep and Distinctive Aroma

High quality Toraja coffee review will all mention amazing aroma as this coffee’s main power. Farmers in Sulawesi grow Toraja coffee in high altitude, on fertile soil that has volcanic quality. This gives the coffee distinctive fragrance, which subtly hints spices, tobacco, earth, and maybe nuts or a little citrus fruits. You must keep the coffee in airtight container, and make the drink as soon as possible before all the coffee loses its aroma and flavor.

Toraja coffee review from the best quality reveals amazing qualities for this coffee, from rich aroma to diverse flavor hints and great aftertaste. If you are looking for great specialty coffee, and do not mind spending extra to get it, consider this Toraja coffee review as your first guide to choose the best coffee.

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