5 Tips to Enjoy the Best Toraja Coffee at Home

5 Tips to Enjoy the Best Toraja Coffee at Home

Coffee shop is not the only place to enjoy a good cup of Toraja coffee; you can make the same delicious brew at home. As long as you have good coffee and the right method, you can enjoy café-style coffee from the comfort of your own home. Here is how you can enjoy a good cup of Toraja coffee every day at home, even with simple coffee-making equipment.

Tips to Enjoy the Best Toraja Coffee

1. Drink without Sugar

Unless you are a serious coffee drinker that refuses to add sugar to coffee, your first instinct when faced with Toraja coffee is adding some sugar. After all, Toraja coffee is famous as a rich, strong coffee with high acidity. Unfortunately, adding sugar will only increase the acid flavor to the unpleasant level. Sure, you will get the bitterness, but high quality Toraja coffee will also present diverse and delightful flavor layers, especially without sugar.

2. Brew Right after Grinding the Coffee

There are many stores and companies that sell pre-ground Toraja coffee. However, the best option is still grinding the coffee beans yourself, since you can get the most flavor and aroma. The beans must also be fresh. Therefore, make sure you have (at least) miller at home, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of Toraja coffee right after the beans are ground.

3. Brew the Coffee in the Right Way

Ideally, if you brew two cups of coffee using dripper, you need about 10 grams of ground coffee. Pour the water twice to extract the most of the coffee’s flavor. Ideally, when making Toraja coffee, you should pour the hot water from the center of the ground coffee, and then make circular pouring motions to the edge. This will create better extraction and flavor. 10 grams of coffee and 240 ml of water can create 2 cups of coffee from a dripper (the cups are standard-sized coffee cups).

4. Dark Roast for Iced Coffee

Do you want to enjoy Toraja coffee as iced coffee? No problem! Just make sure you choose the right type of coffee roast. Toraja coffee beans are generally roasted lightly to medium and medium dark, but if you want to make iced coffee, dark roast coffee will be a more ideal option. This is because iced drink generally makes you perceive flavor more poorly than hot drink, so it is important to use dark roast coffee (it has more bitterness and kick).

5. Use Espresso Machine for Toraja Cappuccino

If cappuccino is your thing, it is best if you invest for an espresso machine at home. There are many home espresso machines with competitive prices and quite good quality. An espresso machine will help you making the ultimate Toraja coffee, which will not lose its flavor despite being mixed with hot milk foam to make cappuccino. This way, the specific flavor and aroma will still show up.

Buying coffee from Toraja is one of the best purchases you can make as a serious coffee drinker. Make sure you make Toraja coffee the right way in order to get the best flavor and aroma from each cup.

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