How Sulawesi Coffee Process Affects Flavor and Aroma?

How Sulawesi Coffee Process Affects Flavor and Aroma?

Among various types of coffee that you can find in the world, Sulawesi coffee is clearly one of the best. However, if you do not get the flavor and aroma that all of those reviews have mentioned, you probably brew it wrong or you get low quality coffee. Make sure your Sulawesi coffee has been through high quality process, so you can taste the special nature of this coffee variant.

Sulawesi Coffee Process

Wet-hulled or Dry-hulled: Which One is the Best?

Most of the coffee variants in Indonesia (but not all) are processed using wet-hulled method, in which the coffee still has some of its moisture level when being processed. The same thing applies in various Sulawesi coffee processing places. However, with high acidity coffee like this, dry-hulled process apparently results in better flavor than the more common wet-hulled process. Dry-hulled process creates “clean” flavor that shows unique earthy notes without being too soil-y.

Clean, Fresh Water is Important

Washing is one of important steps in coffee processing. Using fresh, clean water is important to create high quality coffee. Unfortunately, some coffee processing areas that produce small-scale Sulawesi coffee sometimes use water from ditch or rather dirty water to wash the coffee beans. This definitely affects the flavor. Therefore, make sure you choose recognized coffee sources from reputable processing areas.

Greenish Beans Don’t Always Mean Bad

When it comes to Sulawesi coffee, light roast is generally better compared to dark roast, although dark roast is not a bad choice. However, light roast does bring clean and smooth flavors in hot coffee (dark roast is generally better if you want to make cold coffee). Some people are put off by the greenish, even “moldy” look of Sulawesi coffee beans, but the true proof is in the brewed coffee, not the beans. It is not weird for “bad” looking coffee beans from Sulawesi to create great cup of coffee.

Uniform Coffee Beans Are Good Sign

When you order Sulawesi coffee from certain store or supplier and find uniform beans, you are lucky. Some Sulawesi coffee suppliers definitely choose good sources that handpicked the beans and store them in individual bags in special storehouses. This meticulous method results in uniform beans that not only look great, but also create the best coffee flavor. This process is also applied to coffee beans that are about to get exported to countries like the US and Japan, where this coffee is a luxury.

Some Farms May Offer Older Coffee Variants

If you make a visit to Sulawesi in order to get some original coffee, there are possibilities that you can find older coffee variants, such as the Typica varieties. These Sulawesi coffee variants offer unique experience, if you are seriously into coffee history and wanting to relieve all the best authentic coffee-drinking experiences. This is because some small-scale coffee farmers and processing areas still plant coffee in “casual” way as supporting harvests.

There are many factors that determine the flavor of coffee, including the entire processing steps. Sulawesi coffee definitely has unique aspects in its processing steps that contribute to its flavor and aroma.

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