Reasons to Taste Luwak Coffee Ubud at Satria Plantation

Reasons to Taste Luwak Coffee Ubud at Satria Plantation

Ubud is one of the most recommended places in Indonesia for coffee tasting experience, including tasting luwak coffee Ubud. Dubbed the most expensive coffee in the world, you can find luwak coffee with more reasonable price at Satria Plantation. However, there are other good reasons why Satria Plantation is recommended luwak coffee Ubud tasting experience.

Luwak Coffee Ubud at Satria Plantation

Diverse Coffee and Tea Tasting Experiences

Satria Plantation is a heaven for coffee lovers, but there is also something for everyone. At Satria Plantation, you can find the best luwak coffee Ubud, but there are also other options such as ginseng coffee, various Bali coffee types, and vanilla coffee. There are also tea beverages such as lemon tea, the original Bali tea, ginger tea, and lemongrass tea. Other products include original herbs and spices, as well as home spa and aromatherapy products.

Beautiful View Surrounding the Area

Ubud is a part of Bali that you visit if you want to taste more nature and culture (in contrast with Kuta, Legian and Seminyak). Satria Plantation is located in a beautiful, lush area that gives visitors amazing view to the entire plantation and surrounding trees. The coffee tasting location is located in strategic spot, so you can see the amazing view while tasting the coffee or tea.

Great Place for Family Trip

Satria Plantation heavily promotes its luwak coffee Ubud, but it offers more for any types of travelers, including families. There are many activities the place offers for the whole family, even those with children. Aside from tasting various delicious drinks, Satria Plantation also serve local snacks, guide tour for various fruit plants, and knowledge trip about coffee processing steps. It also offers beautiful view and fresh air that are great for the whole family.

Complete Coffee Tasting Experience

Satria Plantation offers beautiful coffee tasting experience. You can get a tray with several small glasses that contain various coffee and tea beverages. You can enjoy delicious drinks such as luwak coffee Ubud, Bali coffee, vanilla coffee, ginger tea, Bali tea, and many more. There are also fried bananas or sweet potatoes to wash your mouth after each tasting. Since the coffee beans and tea leaves are freshly picked, the drinks are exceptional. Our suggestion: do not put sugar in your luwak coffee Ubud, because the sugar will make the flavor too acidic. Just enjoy the coffee as it is.

Affordable Prices for High Quality Coffee

If you think that prices are problems when buying specialty coffee, you will love shopping at Satria Plantation. Luwak coffee Ubud comes in reasonable price tag; “only” about $5 per small cup. You can also buy ground coffee or coffee beans at the souvenir store, with competitive prices. Just be careful of the sugared coffee package, because the added sugar can be a little too high for some serious coffee drinkers (Indonesian package coffee products tend to have much sugar in them).

Satria Plantation is a great place to visit for coffee lover. Enjoy great luwak coffee Ubud and experience the best educational trip in this Ubud coffee plantation.

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