5 Easy Tips to Prepare Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee with Milk

5 Easy Tips to Prepare Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee with Milk

There are many ways to enjoy specialty coffee such as Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, but regular latte or cappuccino is always great if you make it right. By mixing the right amount of coffee and milk, as well as mixing them properly, you can get café-style latte or cappuccino at home. Here are some tips to make Sulawesi Kalosi coffee drinks with milk in the ways your barista will do.

How to Prepare Sulawesi Kalosi Coffee with Milk

1. Find the Right Coffee Beans

Cappuccino and latte require you to mix the coffee with milk. To keep the coffee flavor pronounced despite this addition, you need to pick the right coffee beans. If you are shopping for Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, find the ones that are labeled “for espresso.” If you cannot find them, look for Arabica beans that have been roasted medium dark or dark. Such roasting method is ideal for espresso or latte because the strong flavor will go through the milk layer.

2. Grind the Beans into the Right Size

If your Sulawesi Kalosi coffee beans are still in their whole shapes, grind the coffee into the perfect size. It is generally understood that espresso requires fine ground coffee. However, if the particles are too fine, the coffee will become over-extracted, and your espresso will taste horrible. Unless you are a coffee expert that can grind coffee to perfect specification, it is best to invest in smart electric grinder that “knows” the actual particle size for espresso.

3. Use the Right Temperature for the Milk

To make a great latte or cappuccino from Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, you need to reach the right temperature when creating steamy milk foam. Make sure to heat the milk in 145 Fahrenheit Degree (around 62.8 Celsius Degree), and do not hit higher temperature than that. Higher temperature will burn the milk and ruin your plan to make great coffee beverage.

4. Let the Milk Sits Awhile

Once you get the milk steamy and foamy, do not get tempted to pour it immediately onto the coffee. Make sure you let it sits for about 2-3 minutes before pouring it. This is to create proper layering while making latte cappuccino; the bottom part is the Sulawesi Kalosi coffee, followed by the steamy milk, and then the foam (or the other way around depending on the recipe). You can later scoop the foam with spoon to put on top of the beverage.

5. Pour the Milk the Right Way

You may use Sulawesi Kalosi coffee for latte and cappuccino, but these beverages have some differences in the making process, especially the way you pour the milk. If you want to make cappuccino, the first thing you pour is a third part of milk, a third part of espresso, and a third part of milk foam that you scoop with a spoon. For latte, pour double-shot espresso followed by 5 ounces of milk (hold the foam with spoon when pouring the milk).

Making milk coffee beverages with specialty coffee require proper methods in order to get the best flavor. Make your latte or cappuccino at home with Sulawesi Kalosi coffee and properly heated milk to create café-worthy beverages.

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