Is Luwak Coffee Bali Price Still the Most Expensive?

Is Luwak Coffee Bali Price Still the Most Expensive?

The expensive price of luwak coffee is often quoted in various discussions, but is luwak coffee Bali price nowadays still live up its luxury status? With new trends in coffee trade and processing technology, the “most expensive” label may be challenged. Learn what potential changes luwak coffee Bali price can experience in the future.

Why Luwak Coffee Bali Price Expensive?

Price Differences between Luwak Coffee Types

Since introduced to UK and the US in the 90’s, luwak coffee has achieved luxury status. Different types of luwak coffee have exorbitant price tags. In the US, a cup of the original luwak coffee Bali price can achieve $50. Meanwhile, the ground coffee version can be as expensive as $200 per pound. This is why people often choose to travel to Bali, which is one of the man producers of luwak coffee in Indonesia, because the price can be cheaper.

For example, if you visit Bali Pulina coffee plantation in Ubud, the luwak coffee Bali price per cup is only Rp50,000. This is equal to about $5, and you can get additional perks such as tasting other local coffee types, which are included in the $10 entrance fee. This is definitely a better offer than if you order luwak coffee from local distributors or stores.

Why is Luwak Coffee Expensive?

There are several reasons why luwak coffee Bali price is expensive, especially if the coffee comes from wild luwak (civet). Farmers can only collect certain amount of beans from the droppings of wild luwak, and they still need to select the best coffee beans to be turned into ready-make coffee. Therefore, the price roots from the rarity of the coffee.

You can get cheaper luwak coffee Bali price with lower price if you visit Indonesia, because the local currencies and the proximity of the coffee plantation. Luwak coffee also has relatively stable price in Indonesia, thanks to its growing popularity and farmers’ efforts to get more luwak coffee for local consumption and export purposes.

Reasons Luwak Coffee Price Can Go Lower

Apart from its status and controversy, luwak coffee is definitely a good product. It has smooth texture and medium bitterness and acidity, and great even for those who have low coffee acidity tolerance. However, luwak coffee Bali price may become lower years from now, because of several factors related to changing dynamics in coffee trade and technology.

For example, scientists in Japan have managed to find a way to make “non-civet luwak coffee,” using the same varieties of bacteria found in luwak’s digestive tract to create luwak coffee in lab. The result is luwak coffee that does not need to be taken from luwak’s droppings, which also means that we do not have to rely on luwak to produce the coffee for us.

Another determining factor is the fact that “wild luwak coffee” has become quite rare, because coffee farmers usually just keep luwak in cages to get luwak coffee beans in more consistent amount every year. In Bali, for example, there are several coffee plantations that actually keep luwak in cages, so farmers can harvest coffee beans from their droppings in more controlled environment.

While luwak coffee may have become status symbol, apparently you do not need to wait for long to get cheaper coffee. Luwak coffee Bali price has potentials to decrease to level that is more affordable for almost everyone.

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