Simple Luwak Coffee How to Brew Tips Indonesian Style

Simple Luwak Coffee How to Brew Tips Indonesian Style

Indonesian-style “kopi tubruk” is a very simple method to make a cup of coffee, and this is definitely the easiest luwak coffee how to brew method. In this method, you do not use any coffee machine or espresso maker; you basically just use heat, coffee cup, milk pan, and spoon. If you like drinking coffee in “rustic” way without using fancy equipment, just like how many Indonesians enjoy their coffee, then you must try these luwak coffee how to brew methods.

Simple Luwak Coffee How to Brew

Method 1: Make Coffee in the Cup

This is the most straightforward method to make coffee, and many Indonesians start their day this way. Simply pour a cup of luwak coffee powder into a standard cup. Boil water on a milk pan. After the water is boiled, turn off the heat and wait for 1-2 minutes until the water temperature decreases into around 90 Celsius Degree. Pour the water slowly into the cup, and make sure the water pours on the center of the coffee powder. In this luwak coffee how to brew method, this part is useful to extract the coffee flavor to the maximum level.

Once the coffee powder is submerged a little bit, stop and let the coffee “sits.” After several seconds, stir the coffee powder and add the rest of the hot water. Stir again before enjoying. This luwak coffee hot to brew method is great to enjoy quick cup of coffee without losing the flavor and aroma. If you visit coffee plantations in Bali and have coffee tasting, this is usually the way the coffee made.

Method 2: Boil Coffee in Milk Pan

This luwak coffee how to brew method uses similar way with homemade cocoa drink.  Instead of pouring water to ground coffee in a cup, you make the coffee in the pan. Pour 1-2 cups of water into a milk pan, depending on how much coffee you want to make. Heat the water until it reaches 60 Celsius Degree, before pouring 1-2 teaspoons of luwak coffee powder in.

Once the coffee is mixed with the water, stir the coffee continuously until the water boils, so the coffee will not burned. Use small heat the whole time so the coffee flavor will not be ruined. Pour the coffee into your cup, and do not add any sugar because you will get high acidity. This luwak coffee how to brew method makes the coffee powder “mixed” better with the water.

Method 3: No Stir

This third method is similar with method number one, but the main difference is: after pouring the water into the cup, you refrain from stirring the coffee and water. This luwak coffee how to brew method lets the water to slowly extract the flavor of the coffee. Also, since the coffee powder is “disturbed” and floating in the water, letting the coffee sit will make the particles to slowly come down to the bottom of the cup.

These methods may look simple, but they are basically how many Indonesians enjoy the coffee. Try the luwak coffee how to brew methods to enjoy coffee in rustic way like Indonesians do it!

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