5 Reasons Degayo Gayo Coffee Beans are the Best

5 Reasons Degayo Gayo Coffee Beans are the Best

Sumatra produces several types of great coffee in Indonesia, including Gayo coffee beans. Coffee from Gayo area in Western Indonesia is cultivated in unique habitat, resulting in high quality Arabica coffee. If you want to get high quality Gayo coffee beans that are cultivated and processed with high quality standard, Degayo is a name you can trust, and with 5 good reasons.

Why Degayo Gayo Coffee Beans are Best?

1. Products Rooted from Generations of Coffee Farmers

Degayo is a company that rooted from Ratawali, which is a coffee plantation in Takengon, South Gayo. The plantation has operated since the 1920s, and the entire operation was kept in the family. This means that Degayo keeps its Gayo coffee beans quality exactly the same like the ones produced more than 9 decades ago, especially since the farmers keep the traditional coffee processing methods that create the unique flavor, before the beans are turned into coffee using Dutch-style machines.

2. Ethical, Organic, and Fair Trade Coffee Beans

If you are concerned about the organic quality and farmers’ prosperity, Degayo got you covered. All Gayo coffee beans from this company are Fair Trade certified. Degayo also keeps strong commitment to share profits properly with its farmers. If you are committed to organic lifestyle and always have concern about farmers, Degayo coffee beans are the right choices.

3. Distinctive Coffee Flavor and Aroma

Gayo coffee offers tasting experience unlike any other coffee types. This coffee is not as strong as the typical coffee from the northern part of Sumatra, but it has earthy tone and smooth flavor that leaves no bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Gayo coffee beans have these characteristics because they grow in unique areas; plantations located at the elevation between 1,000 and 3,000 meters above sea surface, with volcanic soil and pine forests nearby.  The habitat provides distinctive soil type that contributes to specific flavor of Gayo coffee, which is notable and smooth but not too overpowering.

4. Local Coffee with Export Quality

Gayo coffee beans from Degayo are produced in local farms in various areas, such as Atu Lintang Valley, Ratawali Valley, and West Java. The processing is handled in one place, located in West Java, to ensure consistent quality. However, Degayo also owns sister company in Malaysia and distribution office in Netherlands for European customers. You can be sure of the quality of the coffee with such widespread operational and distribution areas.

5. Competitive Prices for Premium Coffee Beans

Gayo coffee beans from Degayo are handpicked and selected to make sure that all the beans are from premium quality. While the processing may also use modern Dutch-style machines, the handpicking assures that customers only get the best coffee beans. Gayo coffee beans from Degayo are all from the best Arabica variants, which are harder to grow than Robusta but have better quality, flavor and aroma.

Gayo coffee is one of the best coffee variants from Indonesia, with distinctive characteristics. Degayo makes sure that you only get the best Gayo coffee beans through organic farming, strict quality control, and combination between traditional and modern methods in processing.

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