3 Luwak Coffee Beans Sources for Ethical Shopping

3 Luwak Coffee Beans Sources for Ethical Shopping

Luwak coffee is delicious and highly recognized drink, but it is also controversial. More people demand ethical luwak coffee beans to curb the inhumane practice of caging luwak (civets) and force-feeding them with coffee cherries, as opposed to collecting coffee beans from the droppings of wild luwak. If you want to keep your shopping list ethical, here are three sources of ethical luwak coffee beans you can check out.

Luwak Coffee Beans Sources for Ethical Shopping

1. Exotic Coffee Roasters, Oxford

Based in Oxford in United Kingdom, Exotic Coffee Roasters is originally set up by a group of coffee growers that started from Columbia coffee plantation. The coffee supplier provides coffee beans for various restaurants and coffee shops in Oxfordshire. However, you can buy their coffee beans online wherever you live, including luwak coffee beans.

Exotic Coffee Roasters provide high quality coffee, but they also make sure that all the coffee beans are in comply with Fair Trade program. All of their coffee beans are not only picked by small farmers, but they are also produced without exploitative methods. This means that luwak coffee beans you get from this supplier are ethical. If you are in Oxford, you can visit the company’s roasting center to educate yourself and taste freshly roasted coffee.

2. Doi Chaang Coffee

Doi Chaang is one of the most recognized coffee suppliers in South East Asia region. This company originated from a mountain village in Northern Thailand, and has unique history; the king of Thailand gave the villagers Arabica coffee seeds to replace their opium farms with more beneficial crops. Now, the company still commits to keep ethical coffee bean production that contributes to small coffee farmers’ prosperity, which also includes their luwak coffee beans production.

With American-based partner in Canada, the Doi Chaang Coffee now contributes to about 800 families of coffee growers and farmers in Thailand. The coffee is produced with Fair Trade principles, and this is why you can also get ethical luwak coffee beans.

3. Rafflesia Luwak Coffee

Finally, if you are everything about Indonesian coffee, luwak coffee from Rafflesia Luwak Coffee should be your option. Located in West Sumatra, this coffee supplier sells ethical coffee beans from farms in Indonesia and other countries, such as from Bali, Taiwan, and several provinces in Sumatra Island. Rafflesia sells ethical luwak coffee beans from Arabica variants that are grown in West Sumatra.

Luwak coffee from Rafflesia Luwak Coffee is not only ethical, but it is also from the highest quality. The entire coffee beans are dried for 6 hours, and then burnt with cinnamon wood before being roasted using 100 percents traditional method. The coffee beans are also free from artificial chemicals, including in the storage period. This means your coffee beans are healthier and organic, which is great if you are also committed to consume organic products.

Luwak coffee may be controversial, but you can still enjoy it as long as you get your coffee from ethical sources. These ethical sources of luwak coffee beans not only make your shopping guilt-free, but also delightful thanks to high quality coffee variants that are offered.

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