The Best Way to Roast Gayo Mountain Coffee to Perfection

The Best Way to Roast Gayo Mountain Coffee to Perfection

Special coffee needs specific roasting method, and this also applies to Gayo mountain coffee. Hails from Central Aceh, this coffee has special characteristics that require the right roasting method to bring out its real flavor. Here are the characteristics you can get and how you can roast Gayo mountain coffee to get them.

Best Way to Roast Gayo Mountain Coffee

Gayo Mountain Coffee Characteristics

Farmers in Aceh use special methods to process Gayo coffee beans. They use dry process on the beans, but instead of removing the silverskin, mucilage and parchment layer from the green beans, the farmers let all those things stick a little longer on the beans until the second drying process. This makes the coffee beans stick with the mucilage a little longer.

The mucilage from Gayo mountain coffee has fruity flavor, and this affects the actual flavor of the coffee. The modified dry process (“semi-dry”) is also responsible for unique flavor, notes and aroma. Some of the most distinctive characteristics of Gayo mountain coffee include:

1. Thick body but low acidity

Gayo coffee’s main characteristic is the thick and full body that tastes almost like syrup, but it is very smooth and does not leave unpleasant coarseness in the mouth. It also has low acidity level, so it is a good coffee anyone can enjoy, including those who have low caffeine tolerance.

2. Earthy, chocolate-y and fruity tones

Like many other coffee variants from Sumatra, Gayo mountain coffee has earthy tone due to its unique habitat and soil. There are also subtle hints of fruits such as papaya or citrus; not surprising with Indonesia being a tropical country. Depending on your coffee source and processing, you may also get little hints of chocolate or walnut.

3. Pleasant aftertaste and non-muddy flavor

Some people are afraid of encountering muddy or musty tones in their Sumatra coffee, but it is not the case with Gayo mountain coffee. While you can taste the earth in this coffee, there is no muddy or musty flavor at all. There is also no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth after sipping the coffee.

All these seem like special characteristics, but how to get them right? Make sure to roast the coffee in the right way.

Recommended Roasting for Gayo Mountain Coffee

To extract all the great flavor and aroma from Gayo mountain coffee, you can use somewhere between light and dark roast. City roast (medium) is the best way to extract all the best characteristics of this coffee. If you use roast it too lightly, you will get unpleasant sourness on your tongue. If it is too dark, you will end up with bitter coffee that is lack aroma.

Some people think that coffee with dark nature such as Gayo coffee pairs better with dark roast. While this is true, you need to be delicate when determining the level of roasting. If you do not want to end up with overly dark roast result, stick to medium or city roast.

Gayo coffee is amazing, but you need to roast it the right way in order to get the best part. Make sure you roast Gayo mountain coffee the right way, and enjoy the cup like how people in Gayo also enjoy it.

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