4 Reasons to Try Super Gayo Coffee Café in Jakarta

4 Reasons to Try Super Gayo Coffee Café in Jakarta

If you are in Jakarta and want to enjoy a good cup of Gayo coffee, try visiting Super Gayo Coffee in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Established by Kin Aulia, also known as guitarist from Indonesian band The Fly, this coffee shop offers both great coffee and atmosphere. Here are 4 reasons why you should try Super Gayo Coffee a try when you are in Jakarta.

Reasons to Try Super Gayo Coffee Café

1. Original Premium Arabica Gayo Coffee

Kin Aulia is a Gayo native, and he is committed to introduce only the best Gayo coffee in his café. All the beans used in this café are supplied by farmers in Aceh who partner with Kin Aulia’s family. This means that customers at Super Gayo Coffee actually enjoy the original Gayo coffee, even when they are in a modern coffee shop in Jakarta. Gayo coffee is famous for its smoothness, earthy tone, subtle chocolate and caramel hints with a little fruitiness, and pleasant aftertaste that do not leave bitter taste. You can get all these flavor aspects at this particular coffee shop.

2. Manual Brewing for All the Coffee

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Super Gayo Coffee is the use of manual brewing methods for most of its beverages. This makes the coffee beverages at the café have unique, pleasant flavor. Manual beverage also reduces residue in the cup, resulting in better texture and maximum coffee extraction in your cup. Kin Aulia also uses the original Gayo coffee recipes to make his coffee drinks, so everyone can taste the real flavor of Aceh when enjoying their cups of brew.

3. Trendy and Cozy Café Atmosphere

Kin Aulia has made quite a name for himself in Indonesia through The Fly, a popular alt rock band that emerged in the early 2000’s. Super Gayo Coffee reflects his passion in both coffee and music, combining them into a cozy and trendy coffee shop. Aside from the typical modern coffee shop design, you can also see various music-themed décor and accessories. This unique design has made Super Gayo Coffee famous among Jakarta youths, young professionals, and various urban communities. A great place to enjoy an evening.

4. Special Menu: Wine Coffee

If you never try “wine coffee,” you have a chance of tasting it at Super Gayo Coffee. This is one of Aulia’s best seller menu items because of its unique and delicious flavor. The coffee uses original Gayo recipe that results in coffee with wine-like characteristics, from the aroma to the acidity. Also, if the coffee is let sit in the cup, you will see that the color gradually turns into dark red shade, just like wine. According to Aulia, this is something that you will rarely see at any coffee shops in Jakarta.

The coffee shop opens from 4 PM to midnight, and weekend hours can be quite packed. The exact location is Jalan Walter Monginsidi (Walter Monginsidi Road) number 59, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Visit Super Gayo Coffee if you are in Jakarta and want to enjoy a good cup of authentic Gayo coffee.

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