Best Altitude Arabica Coffee at Degayo Coffee Roastery in Malaysia

Best Altitude Arabica Coffee at Degayo Coffee Roastery in Malaysia

If you look for high quality, ethical coffee beans from Asia, Degayo Coffee is your choice. This company has distributed various Fair Trade coffee beans from Asia to many countries, especially Arabica coffee from altitude plantations. However, if you want more direct and intimate coffee experience, Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, is the place for you to go.

Degayo Coffee Roastery

Why Visiting Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom?

Opened in 2014, Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom was established to give people more direct experiences in blending, roasting, cupping, and drinking high quality coffee. Here, you can order from wide selections of (mostly) Arabica beans, such as the famous Gayo and Mandailing coffee from Sumatra.

While the atmosphere may not like modern cafés that you can find anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom still offers cozy atmosphere from minimalistic interior and modern furniture. There are also long communal tables for group guests, and tasting table where you can enjoy various selections of premium blends.

Degayo Coffee may sell their coffee products to various countries, but if you prefer to enjoy coffee experience with freshly blended and roasted beans, try visiting this modern roastery in Malaysia and enjoy premium Arabica beans right from the roasters!

Things You Can Get at Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom

Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom may look like coffee shop, but it offers more than just beverages. There are many things this place has to offer, such as:

1. Coffee tasting experience

With all the premium Arabica coffee sold here, coffee tasting becomes a favorite activity among visitors. You can choose your own blend, and the staff will roast your options using proper methods based on each coffee’s characteristics.

2. High quality coffee-making equipment products

If you want to create your own great coffee cup at home, you can start from this place. Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom offers many types of coffee-making equipment, from manual brewers such as French press and brewing pots, to espresso machine and electric grinder.

3. Knowledge about roasting and blending

Do you always want to know what is “roasting” actually? This place tells you everything about it. At this roastery and showroom, you can get knowledge about roasting and blending methods, including seeing the process in front of your eyes (and you can of course enjoy the result!).

4. High quality premium coffee beans

Finally, after seeing the roasting process and having coffee-tasting session, you can buy some Degayo Coffee. Whether you like beans or ground coffee, there are many options from various altitude plantations in Asia. Since almost all the coffee here is premium Arabica, you can be sure of the quality and flavor. All the coffee beans here are Fair Trade, so your purchase is great for your conscience.

Degayo has always been a great supplier with great review, and the roastery is a great addition to its ever-expanding business. If you are in Malaysia and want to enjoy great coffee and see the roasting process directly, do not forget to visit Degayo Coffee Roastery and Showroom in Petaling Jaya.

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