3 Flavors of Flores Coffee Beans Based on Roasting

3 Flavors of Flores Coffee Beans Based on Roasting

From various specialty coffee bean types that hail from Indonesia, Flores coffee beans seem to be less recognized than Java, Sumatra, or Sulawesi coffee. However, depending how you roast them, Flores coffee can have quite unique variations in flavor department. Here are various flavors you can expect from well-roasted Flores coffee beans, depending on how you roast them.

Here are Flavors of Flores Coffee Beans

Main Flavors of Flores Coffee Beans

Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of Flores coffee beans. Cuppers, baristas and coffee experts often compare this coffee to Central Java or even Colombian. Flores coffee is fairly light and fragrant, with smooth texture and thick body, but not as thick as some stronger types of Sumatra or Sulawesi coffee. It also has light to medium acidity, which makes it similar with Java coffee. The coffee has light finish that does not leave bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

Flores coffee beans also carry faint notes of fruits. Depending on your coffee sources, you probably get some citrus, cherry, or plum. There may also be some woody or hazelnut tones and a little floral hint. Basically, Flores coffee beans have typical classic flavor, but it depends on how you roast them.

Flores Coffee Flavor Based on Roasts

There are various flavor dimensions you can get from Flores coffee beans, and you can get them by modifying the roasting techniques. Here are some possibilities of flavor you can get from different roasting methods:

1. Light roasts

Flores coffee beans are generally better roasted lightly. If you use light roast method, you can get the “classic” flavor akin to Central Javanese coffee, with floral and a little citrus tones. The tone is also clean and very smooth, and the acidity is quite light.

2. Medium roasts

If you use medium roasts, the flavor tones actually do not change too drastically. Aside from the unique floral and citrus flavors, you can also get slight hints of hazelnuts, wood or molasses, which are also considered “classic” Indonesian flavors. However, it still has fairly medium acidity and full body that leave pleasant aftertaste in your mouth, as well as smooth sensation.

3. Espresso roast

Flores coffee beans are also great as espresso, albeit with some unique characteristics. You still get the slight citrus and acidity, but there is also a little hint of salty aftertaste. The inherent sweetness and fragrance help balancing the acidity of the beans. Because of the salty aftertaste, espresso from Flores coffee may not be for everyone, but it indeed adds some unique touch in your espresso cup.

Despite not too famous as specialty coffee, Flores coffee has unique characteristics in it, no matter how you roast the beans. Try experimenting with the roasting methods to get your preferred flavor. You may also try blending it with heavier, stronger coffee, using Flores coffee as the main flavor layer and the stronger coffee as the base.

Flores coffee has unique flavor profile that makes it distinctive, no matter what roasting methods you use. Get different flavors of Flores coffee beans by trying various roasting methods.

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