5 Best Java Coffee Machine Products for Making Espresso

Making espresso from specialty coffee such as Java coffee is life’s small pleasure, so make sure you use proper Java coffee machine to make that special espresso. There are various coffee machines with diverse specifications; from ones suitable for small kitchen to those that professional barista or cupper will love. Here are 5 best Java coffee machine products with diverse features to make espresso.

Best Java Coffee Machine Products for Making Espresso

1. Gaggia Brea

Gaggia Brea is a great product if you want decent automatic espresso machine with affordable price. It costs around $400 and has decent features for home machine. This Java coffee machine has built-in water filter, easy interface, and pre-infusion spec, which make your espresso tasted just right. If you want decent automatic coffee machine that is not too difficult to use, with medium price range and good espresso result, this is your choice.

2. Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine

Still think that $400 is too expensive? Try $30 price tag from Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine. This automatic Java coffee machine has very simple features and specifications, so advanced baristas or professional home coffee makers may not find this machine satisfactory. However, if you only want straightforward espresso without too many hassles, this machine may be a good choice. You can make 20 ounces of espresso at once with this machine.

3. Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Machine

If you want high quality espresso but are still novice in it, try Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Machine. Costing around $131, this Java coffee machine allows you to make not only espresso, but also other café-style coffee beverages using one machine. This machine has a lot of convenient features, such as milk steamer, milk frother, adjustable tray (to alternate between demitasse, small cups and large mugs), and simple one-button control. You can also get a recipe book for various coffee beverages.

4. Delonghi Lattisima Espresso Machine

If you love using Nescafe capsule and want to get the best espresso, use Delonghi Lattisima Espresso Machine. This Java coffee machine may have limited use, because you have to use capsules to make espresso. However, this coffee machine offers convenience and streamlines process to make various coffee beverages. At around $280 price tag, this coffee machine is great if you are a practical coffee-maker who loves making espresso out of Nescafe capsules.

5. Gaggia Academia Espresso Machine

This is the most expensive machine in this list, and perfect for home espresso maker with high taste or professional barista. This Java coffee machine offers complete features, from programmable espresso-making options to burr grinder and one-button cleaning feature. There is also milk steamer/frother, control screen, and adjustable dispenser size. While the espresso machine offers quite hefty price (around $1,600), but this is a great coffee machine to have if you are all about high quality espresso and related beverages.

Making high quality espresso from Java coffee beans requires good equipment. If you are all about automatic espresso machines, these Java coffee machine products can be a good place to start, no matter what budget and specification demands you have.

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