3 Flavors of Java Coffee Beans Based on Roast Methods

3 Flavors of Java Coffee Beans Based on Roast Methods

Java is synonymous with coffee in the Western world, and Java coffee beans prove that reputation by presenting pleasant and “classic” coffee flavor of Indonesia. Depending on how you roast the beans, you can get various flavor profiles aside from the classic one. Here are flavor profiles of Java coffee beans and the different results if you roast them with various methods.

3 Flavors of Java Coffee Beans

Classic Flavors Profile of Java Coffee

“Java coffee” can come in different types of beans depending on the origins, such as Kayumas, Blawan, Djampit, Blue Mountain, and Pancur. Blawan is often considered as the one that still retains the classic flavor of Indonesian coffee. The Java coffee beans from this variety tend to be light and low in acidity. While many types of Java coffee are considered a little “rough” on the tongue, Blawan is generally smooth.

Despite the general light tone, the coffee has thick body, but the overall flavor is quite balanced. You can get various hints from Java coffee beans, from spices to citrus fruits and even chocolate, as long as you use the right roasting method. Depending on the origin of the coffee, you may get slightly different tones from other people who buy Java coffee. One little tip: it is best not to mix the coffee with milk if you want to taste its best quality.

3 Java Coffee Flavors from Different Roasts

Here are 3 types of flavors you can get from Java coffee beans, depending on the roast methods:

1. Light roasts

Light roasts are generally considered as the best for Java coffee beans, because it brings the best of the flavor without “drowning” its unique characteristics. With light roast, you can get light acidity with sweet and spicy hints, and perhaps some citrusy or fruity notes. There may also be dark chocolate tone.

2. Medium roasts

Medium roasts are generally not favorites when it comes to Java coffee beans, because they can diminish the original, classic flavor profile. If you want to taste Java coffee beans with medium roasts, use it in a coffee blend. You can mix the beans with coffee like Harrar or Sidamo, to create something akin to mocha coffee. However, some people love medium roasts for Java coffee beans because they enjoy the stronger dark chocolate hints and the full body.

3. Dark roasts

The characteristics of Java coffee beans are not too ideal for darker roasts such as espresso. While you may still get great coffee for cappuccino or latte, the coffee itself loses its unique “Java” characteristics. Some cuppers even describe the flavor as dull and too heavy, which is not something you look for if you want to enjoy the true espresso. If you want to drink dark espresso without any milk, you better switch to other coffee.

Java coffee is a great option for those who enjoy lighter coffee with low acidity and thick body, but it is not a good coffee for dark roasts. Stick to light roasts for your Java coffee beans to get the best flavor profile.

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