Jura Java Coffee Machine Service Benefits for Café Owners

Jura Java Coffee Machine Service Benefits for Café Owners

If you are a café owner in the US who has Jura coffee machine, you will love its Java coffee machine service. As a part of its excellent service, Jura offers various benefits and service options for café owners and home coffee lovers who want their coffee machines to work properly all the time. Find out what services and benefits Jura Java coffee machine service offers.

Jura Java Coffee Machine Service Benefits

Jura Standard Service for Café Owners

Café owners, especially small café, need their coffee machines to operate all day long. If one machine breaks down, it can be a problem for the entire operation during the day. Jura provides Java coffee machine service that will help café owners avoid such problem, among other benefits. Here are Jura standard offers for Java coffee machine service:

1. A year warranty

Jura offers full-year service warranty (12 months), and it offers extra services for business places located in the radius of 50 km from Jura’s service office. This also includes phone support whenever business owners need consultation about their coffee machines.

2. One day service

If your coffee machine must be fixed immediately during the business day, Jura provides on-site Java coffee machine service that will quickly repair your machine. This only applies for business owners whose sites are located within the 50 km radius.

3. Collection, return, and loan service

There are times when a coffee machine cannot be repaired on-site. Jura provides Java coffee machine service at the office if it cannot be repaired on the spot. Jura will take and return the machine to the business place, and the café owners can also get loaned machine, to make sure that the business still runs smoothly.

4. Regular service

There are service period options for regular service depending on how many times the business uses the coffee machine. If the machine is used fewer 15,000 times, the machine can be fixed annually. If the machine is used more than 25,000 times, the machine may be repaired every 6 months.

Aside from these regular services, Jura also provides internal part repairs and replacements as a part of warranty.

Price Options for Jura Coffee Machine Service

Different café owners may have different ways in managing their finances, especially if the business is still growing. Jura provides several pricing options for Java coffee machine services, to help café owners adjust their finances. Here are 3 pricing options from Jura service:

1. 5-Year My Coffee Warranty

If a café business owner buys his or her coffee beans from My Coffee, Jura will give not only warranty for 1 year of Java coffee machine service, but 5 years. You only need to pay the annual service fee, but you can get warranty for any covered repair jobs.

2. Capped Price

Capped price service is available if the café owner has new Java coffee machine, or machine that was previously used for demonstration. The owner must get their machine to be repaired once before the capped price can be implemented.

3. 3-Year Service Program

The 3-year service program is available if the café owner is willing to spend certain amount of money every month. In this program, a café owner can get support for service and maintenance in 3-year term. The offer ends when the machine turns 5 years old.

Café owners in the US can feel relief when they find such great maintenance service for their business. Jura Java coffee machine service is one of the most detailed services that make sure your business runs smoothly.

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