5 Reasons Encore Aceh Gayo Coffee Is Great for Dark Roasts

5 Reasons Encore Aceh Gayo Coffee Is Great for Dark Roasts

There are several unique characteristics that distinguish Aceh Gayo coffee from any other coffee types in the world. However people tend to get less pleasant flavor when trying to dark roast highland coffee. Encore Coffee Company is a Kansas-based coffee supplier and seller that sells the best Aceh Gayo coffee you can process with dark roast methods. Here are 5 reasons why Gayo coffee from Encore is the best for dark roast.

Encore Aceh Gayo Coffee 

Balanced Flavor and Acidity

When roasting coffee beans with dark roast methods, you risk getting too bitter flavor or dull kick because of acidity loss (or both). However, Encore Aceh Gayo coffee comes out as a slightly bitter but pleasant cup, with good balance between acidity, natural bitterness, and the thick, heavy body. This balance creates a good cup of coffee that is hard to excel if you love roasting coffee beans using dark roast methods.

Hints of Herbal and Cocoa Notes

Typical coffee from Sumatra Island has slight herbal or earthy tones, and it is not different with Aceh Gayo coffee. Sometimes, adventurous tasters find coffee that tasted too muddy or soil-like, but Encore coffee beans remove all the unpleasant elements. Roasted dark, you can get hints of earth, chocolate, and even a little citrus fruit. This is a great result to get if your taste in coffee leans toward more bitter, dark, and strong flavor but not too overwhelming.

Pleasant, Lingering Aftertaste

Another common problem with Aceh coffee is the lingering, bitter aftertaste that leaves unpleasant memory after a sip. Encore Aceh Gayo coffee is processed in a way that removes the unpleasantness. The result is coffee that leaves slightly bitter but smooth aftertaste that lingers in pleasant way. This is a great way to end every sip if you are fond of strong, slightly bitter, but smooth coffee.

Distinctive Characteristics behind the Dark Roast Cup

We often hesitate to enjoy coffee as dark roast beverage unless it is espresso-based beverage (which we will mix with milk). This is because, in many cases, dark roast methods obliterate all the good things in coffee, turning it into unpleasant and dull beverage. Encore Aceh Gayo coffee still has its unique characteristics even if you roast the beans in medium-dark to dark level. This means that the coffee combines the flavor you want from dark roast, but without eliminating the unique flavor.

Organic, Fair Trade Coffee

Finally, if you want to make sure your coffee comes from ethical sources, Encore has you covered. Aceh Gayo coffee from Encore originates from the coffee farms of Amirta family in Atu Lintang, Central Aceh. The coffee beans are handpicked and processed using good and hygienic methods. By buying the coffee from Encore, you can get high quality coffee and support local farmers.

Roasting Aceh Gayo coffee the right way requires skill, but choosing the right beans is also important, especially if you love dark roasts. Encore provides Aceh Gayo coffee beans that still keep their unique flavor profile even when you roast them medium dark to dark.

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