The Best Italian Espresso Machine Coffee for Small Catering

The Best Italian Espresso Machine Coffee for Small Catering

Having small business like home catering requires tools that are still quite affordable despite being reliable, including for the espresso machine coffee. If you just open a catering business and still operate with small budget, but want to provide adequate amount of coffee to customers at the venue, you need to invest in the right product. Cuadra Semi-Professional is one of the best espresso machine coffee products for such purpose.

The Best Italian Espresso Machine Coffee

Practical Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Cuadra is one of Italian coffee machine brands that have made name in many countries, but Cuadra Semi-Professional is especially ideal for small catering business. This espresso machine coffee has flexibility and practicality to be used at home, but it also has the capacity that helps you serving certain amounts of customers at small catering venue or tiny bar.

The machine does not look too bulky, and it is portable, so you can easily transport it to various places or venues to run your business. Although small, this espresso machine coffee has boiler with the capacity of 1.8 liter, which is quite adequate for most small businesses such as small catering or bars. The machine also has milk steamer and frother, so you can serve latte and cappuccino aside from regular espresso.

Large Daily Capacity for Event

Imagine catering to a small or medium-sized wedding party, and you have a long line of people waiting for espresso. Having adequate espresso machine coffee that can handle such demands is a must, even if your catering business is still small. Cuadra Semi-Professional has daily capacity that reaches 60 cups, with pour-in reservoir that has 3 liters capacity. This is more than enough to handle a party or event with around 100 to 200 people attendants.

Cuadra Semi-Professional is also automatic, which is a good thing if you need speed and convenience in serving coffee to a lot of people at once. Automatic system also helps people who want to open their own small business, but feel intimidated with manual espresso machine that needs a lot of skills and adjustment. However, the portable design makes it still very portable. Even if you do not have any business, this is not a bad espresso machine coffee to have at home.

Presentable Design and Smooth Coffee Result

Cuadra Semi-Professional is what you can expect from any coffee-making products from Italy; elegant, sleek, and quick in making good coffee. This espresso machine coffee has stainless steel coat and sleek, modern design that will improve the look of your business place. The resulting coffee is also amazing; smooth, with the right consistency of steamed milk, and in relatively quick time.

The only drawback that small business owners must face is the price. At the price range between $1,800 and $2,500, this is definitely a high-end machine, both for home baristas and small business owners. Nevertheless, if you want to start small business the right way, this may be a good first product to buy.

In short, small business still needs high quality coffee machine that can handle demands and produce good beverage. Cuadra is a high quality espresso machine coffee that has portability and convenience for your small business.

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