Tips to Choose Espresso Machine Semi Automatic for Home

Tips to Choose Espresso Machine Semi Automatic for Home

If you are a home barista that starts to feel confident about your coffee-making experience, espresso machine semi automatic can be your next home-brewing upgrade. Semi automatic machine is convenience, but also giving more freedom in adjusting the brewing process. Here are important tips you need to know about buying espresso machine semi automatic for home brewing.

Tips To Choose Espresso Machine Semi Automatic 

Consider the User-friendly Elements

There are many coffee machines you can buy, with various specs and features. However, each person may have different opinions about “user-friendly” machine. You need to look at all usability elements in the espresso machine semi automatic that you are going to buy. This means looking at things like:

  • The position of each switch, button and other interface elements, and whether they are easy to operate or not.
  • The size of tray and its adjustability, especially if you plan to use cups with different sizes.
  • The filter handle and its position, including how you can position it and whether it is easy to remove (for cleaning purpose) or not.
  • The materials of the interior and exterior. You must adjust the machine with the frequency and quantity of your coffee-making activities.
  • The type of handle, switch and button. There are espresso machine semi automatic products that have one-button function, switches instead of buttons, or manual lever combined with buttons. Make sure you pick one product that is easy to use for yourself.

After considering the usability factors, you can start considering the brands and prices of various espresso machine semi automatic products to buy.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines: Products to Consider

There are several products that you can consider if you want semi automatic machine at home. Here are some of the best products of espresso machine semi automatic to consider:

1. Breville BES920XL

This espresso machine is a little expensive, but it also has impressive features and specs. It has dual boiler system, smart pressure, and automatic duration adjustment.  It also has LCD display for easier brewing and ability to maximize coffee extraction through gradual temperature increase.

2. Nespresso D60 Pixie Espresso Maker

Unlike the previous product, this semi automatic machine is a low budget option for those with small family or limited espresso-making quantities. Despite its easy interface and limited brewing action (you can only use Nespresso coffee capsules to make coffee with this machine), this coffee machine is quick and easy to use, perfect for non-fancy home use.

3. Nuova Simonelli Oscar Pour Over

This espresso machine semi automatic is unique because it offers heat exchange feature with affordable price. This machine has durable design and 2 water reservoirs, so you can make a lot of espresso at once. Perfect if you often entertain guests or a heavy coffee drinker.

Choosing espresso machine means you need to look at various specs and features, and choose the best one based on your own conditions. Make sure you choose your espresso machine semi automatic carefully to make a lot of coffee for a long time. Happy choosing!

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