4 Tips for Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Review-Based Brewing

4 Tips for Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Review-Based Brewing

It is now quite easy to get coffee from various countries, and if your taste is more toward Mandheling, there are various articles of Sumatra Mandheling coffee review to find. This coffee has specific flavor profile that you can create by brewing the coffee using the right way. If you have Mandheling coffee and want to make a perfect cup with it, here is Sumatra Mandheling coffee review, plus some tips to actually brew it into perfection.

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Review

Mandheling Coffee Flavor Profile

First of all, let’s look at what flavor profile you can expect from this coffee. Depending on the type of roast from the manufacturer and the origin of the beans, you probably get hints of dark chocolate, caramel, and a little earth from this coffee. Sumatra Mandheling coffee review usually mentions full, thick body that almost tastes like syrup. The acidity is usually quite low and subtle, and sometimes you also get malt-like flavor.

Brewing and preparations is important to help you getting these flavor profiles. Here are tips to get the right flavor of Sumatra Mandheling coffee.

1. Grind the Beans the Right Way

If you grind your beans yourself, make sure to set the grinder right. Sumatra Mandheling coffee review often mentions a little earthy flavor and low acidity. If you grind the beans the wrong way, the coffee can be either over-extracted (creates super bitter flavor) or under-extracted (makes the coffee weak). Generally, coarse setting is perfect for French press method, medium setting is for pour over and automatic drip, fine for espresso, and super fine for Turkish pot. Every time you grind coffee, make sure the result is in the right quantity, without any excess.

2. Roast the Beans Slightly Darker

Generally, Sumatra Mandheling coffee review mentions medium-dark roast as the ideal way to enjoy the coffee. While it is back to your own taste, it is not far from truth. People in Sumatra often drink Mandheling coffee with dark roast, which results in thicker, more syrupy body and lower acidity. This is a good roasting type for such coffee, especially if you prefer something with more body.

3. Store the Beans Properly

Whether you buy whole beans or in ground form, do not forget to store the coffee properly. Every Sumatra Mandheling coffee review will implore you to store the coffee in airtight, closed container. If you have whole beans instead of ground coffee, make sure to consume it as fast as possible to avoid losing the aroma and flavor profile. If the coffee starts to lose its aroma, you can try blending it with lighter, more aromatic coffee beans to create unique flavor layers.

4. Pair the Coffee with the Right Treats

Do you enjoy drinking coffee with some treats? Pick the right treats that go nicely the actual coffee flavor. Based on the abovementioned Sumatra Mandheling coffee review, the best treats to accompany the coffee are buttery pastries like plain croissant or Danish pastry, sliced pears, caramel treats, almonds, and cashews.

Mandheling coffee is a great beverage for those who like a little kick and exotic flavor at the same time. This Sumatra Mandheling coffee review will help you making the best cup of Joe out of this iconic coffee.

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