Flavor Profile of Aged Golden Mandheling Coffee Cup

Flavor Profile of Aged Golden Mandheling Coffee Cup

Regular Mandheling coffee is distinctive enough for many coffee lovers, but what about aged coffee like Golden Mandheling coffee? Traditional aging process like what Sumatra farmers do give Mandheling coffee distinctive characteristics in each cup. Here are flavor profile and aroma you may get when cupping Golden Mandheling coffee in its most ideal form.

Profile of Aged Golden Mandheling Coffee

What is Aged Coffee?

Aging the coffee beans is a practice that has been done for many years in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Farmers usually store their beans in burlap sacks, and store the sacks in warehouses with certain temperature and humidity. For the next 3 to 6 years, the beans are routinely rotated in their sacks, and being constantly tasted so the farmers know the right time to use them. These steps result in amazing and unique coffee such as Golden Mandheling coffee.

Aged coffee is a practice that came from the 19th century, as a way to keep the coffee beans fresh when delivered through long sailing voyages. The result created amazing flavor profile, and modern methods even try to replicate the result of classic process. The result of these steps is coffee beans that have slightly golden appearance, with weathered color tone (hence name such as Golden Mandheling coffee).

Golden Mandheling Flavor Profile

The process of aging coffee beans helps increasing the notes while mellowing the base flavor a little bit, giving the coffee unique characters. The aroma also deepens, and in the case of Golden Mandheling coffee, you may notice hints of coffee, dark chocolate, and even faint leather. While the original flavor profile and hints still maintain the unique characteristics of original Mandheling coffee, there are some variations in the background and notes.

When you sip a cup of Golden Mandheling coffee, expect to find these flavor characteristics:

  • Medium level acidity with bolder, stronger taste that delivers its punch right away. However, the aftertaste is quite clean and smooth, without any lingering bitterness.
  • Subtle hints of earth, dark chocolate and even a little tobacco, depending on the source of your coffee beans.
  • Syrupy texture with full body, and smooth sensation in mouth without being gritty.
  • Pleasant, faint aftertaste without lingering bitterness or grittiness (usually there is hint of dark chocolate at the end of the sip).

These characteristics are typical among Golden Mandheling coffee products that are aged well. If you buy coffee from reputable sellers, you usually can get good aged coffee that exudes those characteristics.

Tips to Roast Golden Mandheling Beans

If you roast your own beans, it can be a little tricky. While this coffee is great for espresso or French roast, some people roast aged Sumatra coffee too much, resulting in dull and bitter flavor. This is because aged Mandheling coffee does not show distinctive roast color like non-aged coffee beans, which can lead to over-roasting. To be save, you can just roast the coffee until the second cracks appear on the beans, and the result will still be nice.

Aged Mandheling coffee is great as distinctive beverage with unique flavor profile. Golden Mandheling coffee is an option for those who like coffee with diverse flavor characteristics.

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