How to Make Mandheling Coffee with Pour-Over Method

How to Make Mandheling Coffee with Pour-Over Method

Enjoying bold, distinctive, exotic coffee like Sumatra Mandheling coffee does not require much fanciness. As long as you get high quality coffee and make it the right way, a simple cup of black coffee is great beverage. Here is how you can make the perfect Mandheling coffee using simple pour-over method.

Making Mandheling Coffee with Pour-Over Method

Prepare the Coffee the Right Way

Pour-over is a relatively simple method, but you can make perfect coffee with it as long as you prepare the beans properly. Choose fresh Mandheling coffee beans, and grind them into medium-fine consistency, which is the perfect size for pour-over method. If you buy readily ground coffee, make sure it is in the perfect consistency for pour-over (check to the supplier or look at the product information).

After preparing the coffee, make sure to store it in airtight, closed jar, away from heat source and direct light. The ideal Mandheling coffee roast for this coffee-making method is medium to medium-dark; overly-dark roast can make the coffee too bitter.

Prepare the Right Equipment

For simple pour-over method, prepare a standard pour-over brewer and kettle, small swan-necked kettle (to pour water in more controlled way), and paper filter. Heat the water in the swan-necked kettle to prepare the brewer. If the beans are roasted lightly, the water should be heated to around 202 Fahrenheit degree (94 Celsius). If the beans are roasted more darkly, the water should be around 195 Fahrenheit degree (91 Celsius).

Before you make your Mandheling coffee, put the water filter inside the brewer. Pour water from the swan-necked kettle slowly to wet the filter and remove the “paper” flavor. After you do this, the pour-over brewer is ready.

Pour the Coffee the Right Way

A perfect cup of pour-over coffee is created through careful steps, including the way you pour the coffee. Once your brewer and kettle is ready, here are the next steps:

  • Put the ground Mandheling coffee inside the prepared paper filter. Make sure the surface is flat and even.
  • Pour the rest of the hot water from the kettle. For the weight of the coffee you just grind, make sure to pour around 60 grams of water to the surface of the coffee. This first pour should be a little shorter than half of the filter.
  • Use a small spoon to stir the water and coffee inside the filter. Make sure you stir it deep and even, so everything is really mixed well. This is your coffee “bloom,” which sets the course of the rest of the coffee.
  • Wait until the water drains a little. Before you are able to see the actual ground, pour the rest of the water slowly. When pouring, make sure you start from the center and slowly move to the edge. This will create maximum extraction of the coffee.
  • Let the water drain, but before you can see the coffee, pour again. Repeat the previous pouring methods.
  • Again, let the water drain, and repeat the pouring method for the last time.

If you do the steps properly, you will get a perfect cup of coffee. Try this pour-over method for your Mandheling coffee to enjoy well-extracted, delicious cup of Joe.

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