Off-road Mandheling Coffee Taste Experience in Bandung City

Off-road Mandheling Coffee Taste Experience in Bandung City

The city of Bandung in West Java is famous for its coffee shops, including a café that serves great Mandheling coffee taste on the side of off-road track. Landy Coffee is a weekend-only café that offers unique experience for coffee lovers who want to enjoy beautiful view and unique atmosphere. Here are reasons why you must visit this café when you crave Mandheling coffee taste in Bandung.

Mandheling Coffee Taste Experience in Bandung City

Open-Air Café in Off-road Track

Landy Coffee took its name from Land Rover, a popular vehicle that you will often see at off-road scenes in West Java. The coffee shop itself is located on the side of off-road track between Sukawana and Jayagiri, in a form of open-air coffee shop surrounded by trees. The beautiful, surrounding view will definitely make your Mandheling coffee taste even better.

The most iconic part of this coffee shop is a modified red Land Rover that is turned into the combination between kitchen, menu board holder, and billboard. Wooden tables and chairs are located on the opposite side of the car. Since the open-air coffee shop is located at the off-road track in hilly area, the air is always cool, making it an ideal place to enjoy Mandheling coffee taste. However, Mandheling coffee is not the only thing offered here.

High Quality Indonesian Coffee Beverages

Landy Coffee specializes in local coffee as its menu. Regular items served at this outdoor café include Aceh Gayo, Bajawa, Toraja Sapan, Lintong, Bali Kintamani, Papua Wamena, and Mandheling coffee. If you love Mandheling coffee taste, you will get decent cup of coffee here. The owner gets the coffee from trusted suppliers, and determines to keep local coffee alive and popular in this popular off-road area.

The café also serves local treats and snacks to accompany all the coffee drinks. Snacks such as steamed bananas, steamed sweet potatoes and steamed peanuts are typical foods many Indonesians enjoy with their coffee; they go great with diverse flavor profiles of local coffee variants. Mandheling coffee taste, which is rich in earthy, chocolate, herbs and walnut tones especially go great with steamed peanuts or sweet potatoes.

Tips to Visit Landy Café

Landy Café is a great spot to visit if you want to escape for a while from coffee shops in busy city. The beautiful scenery and cool air make the coffee tastes even better, and you can enjoy signature local coffee beverages here (unlike typical roadside coffee shops that only serve instant packed coffee). However, since the place is an off-road track, you are recommended to use off-road car or jeep to reach the place.

The fact that this café’s venue is an off-road track makes opening hours very short. You can only visit this café every Saturday and Sunday, from morning to late afternoon. It is not surprising, considering the fact that this café also serves as rest stop for off-roaders. Despite the obvious humble aspects, Landy Café is definitely a great place to experience Mandheling coffee taste in unusual place.

The next time you visit West Java, try visiting Landy Café at least once. Your Mandheling coffee taste will definitely leave lasting impression when enjoyed in such unusual setting.

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