Teba Sari Bali Coffee Farm for Great Coffee Products

Teba Sari Bali Coffee Farm for Great Coffee Products

There are several great coffee farms opened as agro tourism spots in Bali, and Teba Sari Bali coffee farm is just one of them. The farm offers beautiful view and cultural tour for the whole family, but they are not the only things you get from your trip. Find out what coffee-related products and fun you can find at this Bali coffee farm in Ubud.

Teba Sari Bali Coffee Farm

Coffee and Cultural Tourism in Ubud

Ubud is famous for several coffee farms that accept visitors who are interested in agro tourism. Teba Sari is a Bali coffee farm that offers all things you can expect from local-centered, traditional coffee farm, such as:

1. Cultural exposure

Teba Sari offers guests glimpses of traditional activities many locals still perform in their daily life. You can see traditional coffee tending and processing, harvesting, traditional herbal medicine making, and many more.

2. Luwak coffee

Teba Sari is a Bali coffee farm that provides Arabica luwak coffee. This coffee comes from beans that are secreted by civets in their feces after they eat coffee cherries. The result is clean, aromatic, and unique coffee that visitors can taste directly.

3. Coffee tasting and traditional snacks

Like many other coffee farms in Ubud that offer agro tourism activities, Teba Sari Bali coffee farm offers coffee tasting. By paying certain price of admission, you can taste some samples of coffee and tea offered by the plantations. The coffee you can taste includes luwak coffee, original Bali coffee, vanilla coffee, mocha coffee, and many more. The coffee tasting session is accompanied with local snacks such as steamed sweet potato, seared banana, steamed peanuts, and such.

If coffee tasting and cultural trip is not enough, you can also buy various coffee products at this Bali coffee farm. All of them are with reasonable price ranges, and great as gifts for those who wait for you to come home.

Coffee Products at Teba Sari Coffee Farm

Here are some coffee products you can buy at Teba Sari Bali coffee farm:

1. Original Bali coffee

Bali coffee is famous for its medium-high acidity, strong punch, bright taste, and fruity tones. Bali coffee powder at the farm is a delicious convenience that you can bring home easily.

2. Ginger coffee

Ginger coffee is one of the favorite coffee beverages among Indonesians, especially those who live in high terrains and hilly areas. The warm ginger milk is combined with original Bali coffee and sugar, creating warm beverage perfect to stave off cold.

3. Coconut coffee

This is a unique blend between Bali coffee, sugar, coconut cream powder, and non-dairy cream. The coconut cream is great to soften the punch of Bali coffee.

4. Mocha coffee

This coffee is made of Java coffee variant, blended with chocolate powder, milk and sugar. The light Java coffee, with its hints of spices and earth, is perfect to be paired with the flavor of dark chocolate from this same plantation in Ubud.

5. Luwak coffee

The famous luwak coffee is also sold at Teba Sari in the form of ground coffee, with relatively reasonable price for tourists.

Teba Sari is a great place to enjoy scenery, cultural trip, and good Bali coffee. Visit this Bali coffee farm to taste the best coffee and get some good coffee products.

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