Easy Way to Make Delicious Bali Coffee with Moka Pot

Easy Way to Make Delicious Bali Coffee with Moka Pot

The light, fruity, aromatic quality of Bali coffee makes it great as espresso, even if you use the simplest method to make it. Moka pot is a great Italian espresso-maker that does not require electricity, but it makes quite dense and punchy espresso. Here is how you can make the best espresso out of Bali coffee using moka pot.

How to Make Delicious Bali Coffee with Moka Pot

1. Grind the Coffee the Right Way

Grinding the beans the right way is the key to make espresso in moka pot. Start with 20 grams of medium-dark roast Bali coffee beans (around 22 grams if you want thicker espresso). The beans should be fresh and previously stored in secure package or airtight container, away from heat and direct sunlight. Grind the coffee to fine consistency, but not too fine as it will be more fit for Turkish coffee.

 2. Boil Water and Pour

After getting finely ground Bali coffee beans that are ready to brew, boil water with small heat. Once the water looks bubbly, fill the half of moka pot with it. The water temperature will decrease a little bit when you are preparing the coffee for brewing, which is ideal to extract the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

3. Put the Ground Coffee into Bottom Compartment

After the water is inside the pot, put the ground Bali coffee in the filter basket. Make sure the surface of the coffee is even (you can do it by shaking it a little until the surface looks even). This coffee filter will become the bottom compartment. Screw back the top part of the moka pot, and make sure all parts are tightly secured.

4. Boil the Moka Pot the Right Way

Making espresso with moka pot requires boiling the pot on top of heat source; regular stove would be the easiest option. Boiling the moka pot on your stove may seem easy, but it requires care to make sure that coffee boils perfectly. Ideally, you must turn up the heat into medium. However, you must also pay attention to how the coffee boils. When the water finally reaches its boiling temperature, you will hear the noise from the outside. Check from time to time, to make sure that your Bali coffee boils perfectly.

Tips to Make Bali Coffee with Moka Pot

Moka pot is a simple way to make espresso without using electricity. You can make it even on top of a bonfire. However, you must pay attention to the temperature of boiling. If the heat is too high, you will see coffee bursting out of the pot and splattering everywhere. If the heat is too low, the boiling will be too weak, and the flavor will not be optimum. If this is your first time making coffee with moka pot, you should check each step until you achieve desired result. Remember those steps whenever you want to make coffee again.

Moka pot is one of the best equipments to use when you want to make espresso without machine. Turn your Bali coffee into a nice cup of espresso with well-prepared moka pot.

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