Best Luwak Coffee for Sale at Kopi Luwak Café Jakarta

Best Luwak Coffee for Sale at Kopi Luwak Café Jakarta

Enjoying a cup of original luwak coffee for sale is no longer something you can only do in Bali. Jakarta has several great places to enjoy the original luwak coffee in cozy, modern atmosphere, including Kopi Luwak café chains that are located in several strategic areas. Here are reasons why Kopi Luwak café is a great place to find luwak coffee for sale in Jakarta.

Luwak Coffee for Sale at Kopi Luwak Café Jakarta

Original Luwak Coffee from Small Farms

Kopi Luwak is a chain if café that is managed by a company called PT Java Prima Abadi. Since established in 1999 by Tan Hok Seng family, this company has focused on selling high quality luwak coffee beans harvested by small farmers. All the luwak coffee for sale from this company is authentic and organic, proven by health and authenticity certificates. The process uses traditional roasting method in small batches, resulting in nice and thorough roasting quality. All the coffee beans produced by the company are from Arabica variety, which are less robust but more distinctive in taste and aroma.

Cozy Café at Strategic Places

Currently, Kopi Luwak cafes are available in several strategic locations in Jakarta. You can find luwak coffee for sale at modern malls such as Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Supermall Karawaci, Pacific Place, Citraland Mall, Atrium Senen, Kelapa Gading, Epicentrum Kuningan, Kuningan City, and Blok M Plaza. All of these places are located near business centers or in downtown.

Amazing Black Coffee Flavor

Luwak coffee is the main menu at Kopi Luwak café, and it is not surprising. The coffee has received rave reviews; mild but quite punchy, without high acidity that wreaks havoc on the stomach. The most recommended luwak coffee for sale in the café’s menu is the Golden Blend, made of aged luwak coffee beans. The aging process gives “boost” at the coffee’s main flavor, and enhances other distinctive notes that would have otherwise been subdued. Other menu items in the café include Americano, cappuccino, latte, espresso shots, and cold coffee beverages. The coffee is freshly ground and brewed, so you really get the best coffee flavor.

Various Coffee Products for Sale

The café not only serves coffee beverages, but only coffee beans and ground coffee to take home. Each Kopi Luwak café also sells the signature luwak coffee in special packages. You can even buy special gift sets, which come with various contents. For example, you can order luwak coffee for sale in exclusive rosewood box complete with cup and saucer, or regular paper box with the same content. All the gift sets also come with certificate of authenticity.

Lunch Menu from Eastern and Western Variants

If luwak coffee for sale is not enough for you, Kopi Luwak café also sells Western and Eastern foods, particularly Indonesian, to accompany your cup of coffee. Each menu is carefully prepared to match the café’s modern and cozy look. If you are in Jakarta, Kopi Luwak café is a great place to enjoy coffee and power lunch or casual weekend dinner.

Luwak coffee is one of the most exclusive beverages in the world, and Kopi Luwak café serves great coffee in modern setting. Get authentic, delicious luwak coffee for sale and enjoy modern café atmosphere here while you are in Jakarta.

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