How to Make Delicious Gayo Coffee without Coffee Machine

How to Make Delicious Gayo Coffee without Coffee Machine

Serious coffee lovers usually enjoy Gayo coffee without any addition of sugar or milk, savoring the unique flavor profile as it is. Some even go as far as making the coffee without machine, just like many Indonesians do to enjoy their morning fix. If you want to enjoy Gayo coffee without using machine, here are several ways to do it.

How to Make Gayo Coffee without Coffee Machine

Direct Method with Measuring Cup

This is the way many Indonesians enjoy their coffee: by pouring hot water right onto the coffee (a method often referred as “kopi tubruk”). However, in this method, we use measuring cup and strainer to make better coffee taste. Put 15 to 30 ml of pre-ground Gayo coffee (not for espresso) to the measuring cup. Pour 250 ml of hot water in slow, mild stream, starting from the middle. Let the coffee steeps for 3 minutes before you stir it gently. Let it steeps again for 3 minutes before pouring the coffee to the cup using strainer.

This method will give you quite strong Gayo coffee. Depending on the size of the strainer pores, you probably end up with small specks of coffee. However, many Indonesians love this slightly gritty sensation, and if your taste in coffee is somewhat rustic, you may enjoy this type of coffee.

Using Coffee Filter “Bundle”

Another way to make Gayo coffee without machine is using coffee filter, in similar way that you would use tea bag to make a cup of tea. Use 30 ml (around 2 tablespoons) of coffee and 250 ml of hot water. Put the coffee inside a coffee filter, and make a small bundle by tying it with a string. Put it inside a cup, and pour hot water. Let it steep for 5 minutes; less than that, and your coffee will be weak. However, generally, this method is great if you like milder coffee.

Using Saucepan

Another “traditional” way to make coffee, this is also practical and a more streamlined way to make Gayo coffee without machine. Put 2 tablespoons of coffee into the saucepan, and pour 250 ml of water. Put the saucepan on top of stove with medium heat, and stir occasionally. When the coffee finally boils, put the lid and let it boils for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and pour the coffee very slowly to the cup, in order to minimize the amount small coffee particles that may not get mixed well into the water.

Using Microwave

This method is actually used to heat the water, especially if you depend on microwave to make a lot of things instead of stove. Put 250 ml of water inside a microwave-safe mug or cup, and put a non-metal thing inside it such as wooden spoon or chopsticks (to prevent the water from blowing up inside the microwave). Put it inside the microwave and heat until you see the bubbles. However, do not immediately take out the cup. Let it bubbles for 2 minutes extra before taking it out. Put 1-2 tablespoons of Gayo coffee into a cup and pour the water slowly.

You can still enjoy coffee even without coffee machine. Use these methods to make a great Gayo coffee cup even if you do not have machine available.

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