Monsooned Bali Coffee Beans Flavor Profile and Characteristics

Monsooned Bali Coffee Beans Flavor Profile and Characteristics

Bali coffee is generally processed with wet-hulled process, but have you ever heard monsooned Bali coffee beans? Unlike other typical beans, these beans are deliberately exposed to high humidity during extremely slow process, creating larger, whitish beans with unique flavor profile. Here are characteristics of monsooned Bali coffee beans you need to know.

Monsooned Bali Coffee Beans Flavor Profile 

Wet Earth Note in the Flavor

Once thing you will immediately notice in moonsoned coffee is stronger wet earth note. While the process itself does not create mold, the earthy note can be quite strong in Bali coffee beans that have been exposed to high humidity. While this is the unique trait of the coffee, if you roast them wrong, you can get hit with unpleasant musty flavor.

Fruity Note and Subtle Sweetness

Another typical trait that comes from monsooned process is the prominent fruity note, complete with subtle fruity sweetness. This is unique to monsooned Bali coffee beans; something you will not find from India coffee beans (the moonsoned process originated from India). The fruity note and natural sweetness are great to cut through the earthy note and strong punch of this coffee.

Thick, Intense, Syrupy Body

Exposure to high humidity makes Bali coffee beans thicker and more intense compared to regular, wet-hulled beans. While regular Bali coffee may still have light brightness in the flavor, monsooned process turns coffee beans into intense, thick, almost syrupy coffee that really coats the inside of your mouth. The best part of this coffee is the foam. If you make coffee with French press or espresso machine, you will see how foamy the coffee is.

Intense Chocolate and Spicy Notes

Finally, if your taste is geared toward dark chocolate and spicy notes, monsooned Bali coffee beans are your choice. The process makes this coffee creates dark chocolate and spicy notes, unlike regular Bali coffee that still holds its light fruity flavor. There is even slight pepper note, depending on how you roast the coffee and from where you get it.

Tips to Roast Moonsoned Coffee Beans

If you decide to roast your own Bali coffee beans, especially the moonsooned type, you should be careful. Wrong roasting method can make the flavor unpleasant, thanks to the risks of musty and bitter flavor. Here are some tips to roast them properly:

  • Avoid light roast. Since the coffee is super earthy, light roast is generally unable to remove the musty flavor.
  • Opt for dark or Full City roast to bring out its optimum flavor. You will be rewarded with dark chocolate and spice notes in the flavor and aroma.
  • Do not immediately use the beans once you roast them. Let them rest for a while to bring out the ideal flavor. For espresso, let the coffee rests for about 4 days. Ideally, you should let the coffee sits for 7 days for the best flavor.

Exposure to high humidity creates unique flavor profile in coffee. Moonsooned Bali coffee beans are definitely exceptional, with delightful flavor for those who love dark chocolate-y, spicy, thick coffee.

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