Unique Bali Coffee Plantation and Resort at Munduk Moding

Munduk Moding currently receives international acclaim because of its unique concept: combination between Bali coffee plantation, resort, and eco tourism. Located in North Bali, this unique resort has been named The Best Eco Luxury Resort in Indonesia by the World Hotel Luxury Association in 2016. Learn what you can expect from this unique combination between resort, eco tourist destination, and Bali coffee plantation.

Bali Coffee Plantation at Munduk Moding

Nature and Relaxation at Munduk Moding Traditional Resort

Munduk Moding resort is located in a 5 hectare of land near traditional coffee plantation, and taking the concept of traditional village style. With only several villas and private cabins, surrounded by hills, coffee plantations and lush greeneries, the entire resort gives private serenity for those who are bored with crowds and noises of big cities.

Since the resort shares close proximity with Bali coffee plantation, there are many activities and facilities that are closely related to coffee and local culture. For example, you can enjoy coffee-related products at the spa, learning local culture, and sampling freshly made coffee from the plantation.

Bali Coffee Plantation Tour and Sampling at Munduk Moding

The most favorite activities at Munduk Moding are educational tour and sampling at Bali coffee plantation. Munduk Moding has a sister company called Munduk Coffee Company, which is consistent in applying organic coffee planting and harvesting methods. The plantation and company also employ locals, and urge families to preserve traditions for the coffee processing method. Here are several recommended activities you can enjoy at Munduk Moding Bali coffee plantation:

1. Educational tour

Munduk Moding is ideal for family holiday, because you can take educational tour. You can see traditional coffee processing and roasting, coffee trees, harvesting process, and many more. You can also see tools locals use to plant, harvest, and process coffee.

2. Sample high quality coffee

Munduk Bali coffee plantation offers opportunities to sample coffee from local plantation. You can taste original Bali coffee, vanilla coffee, ginger coffee, and many more. The fresh beans and traditional processing make the coffee taste even better.

3. Buy ethical luwak coffee

Many people hesitate to try the famous luwak coffee in Bali because of ethical reason. However, this Bali coffee plantation keeps the luwak coffee production authentic and ethical, by using only coffee beans from wild civets that wander to special areas in the plantation. While this makes the production limited, this also means that you do not need to worry about the ethical aspect of trying authentic luwak coffee.

4. affordable Bali coffee

Munduk Moding plantation sells various types of coffee from fresh beans, with relatively affordable process. If you are quite experienced in coffee, you will be pleased with varieties of coffee sold here. There are coffee products made of various processing methods, right at the Bali coffee plantation, such as wet-hulled, honey-processed, and natural processed coffee. Flores coffee is also available here.

Now you can enjoy both relaxing private resort and authentic Bali coffee at the same time. Munduk Moding offers activities at Bali coffee plantation and relaxing stay at private, traditional-style resorts.

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