How Papua Wamena Coffee Slowly Gained Recognition

How Papua Wamena Coffee Slowly Gained Recognition

When it comes to Indonesian coffee, you probably do not immediately think about Papua Wamena coffee. This coffee has unique characteristics and is grown using organic methods, but it still needs more promotion to be in the same level of recognition as Aceh Gayo, Mandheling, Toraja, or Java coffee. Luckily, substantial efforts have been done to introduce Papua Wamena coffee to wider audience.

Papua Wamena Coffee

Reasons Papua Coffee Have Great Potentials

Serious efforts to introduce Wamena coffee to wider audience have started since 2013, when the Indonesian government tried to boost the marketing to various areas in Indonesia. The next goal is to introduce the coffee to international market, especially since Indonesian coffee farmers need to fulfill large amounts of orders from inside and outside the country. Papua Wamena coffee has a lot of great potentials to be the next iconic Indonesian coffee. Here are some reasons why this coffee has a lot of potentials:

1. Unique, pleasant flavor profile

Papua Wamena coffee has the combination between thick body, medium acidity, super smooth texture, and lingering pleasant aftertaste. This combination is great for those who love coffee with just enough “punch,” but still taste very smooth and pleasant.

2. Diverse aroma and flavor notes

Papua Wamena coffee offers quite diverse notes in its flavor and aroma. You get citrus (orange), peanut, caramel, spice, and earth notes from its flavor and aroma, but without the musty hint that sometimes appears in coffee like Java. These are potential factors to attract coffee lovers around the world.

3. Organic Arabica coffee

Papua Wamena coffee is famous for its organic farming, especially since it is produced in relatively small numbers compared to more popular coffee variants. Farmers in Papua mostly plant Arabica coffee using organic techniques, without using chemical fertilizers. This can be extra perk to attract coffee lovers who prefer organic products.

4. Various single origin coffee variants

Speaking about Papua coffee, the province actually has a lot of farming areas such as Arfak, Sigri, Sorong, Samarai, and many more. All of them are under the encompassing name of “Arabica Wamena” coffee. This means there are hidden potentials for each area to become single origin coffee producer.

All these potentials have started to become attention in Indonesia. Hopefully, coffee lovers around the world can get this coffee more easily in the future.

Future Challenges for Papua Wamena Coffee

There are several obvious challenges faced in the efforts to promote Papua Wamena coffee to the world. Although Papua has managed to export its coffee to country like the US, it is still in small amount. Currently, the yearly production of Wamena coffee is just between 6 and 10 tons. There are several factors that contribute to this, such as difficult access to highland coffee farms, and lack of attention from local government.

Wamena coffee definitely has great potentials and characteristics to become the next coffee contender from Indonesia. Hopefully, future efforts and growing attention will ensure the popularity and production of Papua Wamena coffee in higher amount and quality.

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