How to Clean Your Espresso Machine Filter Easily and Why You Must Do It Regularly

How to Clean Your Espresso Machine Filter Easily and Why You Must Do It Regularly

The quality of brewing coffee does not only depend on the technique and the composition of the coffee but also influenced by the cleanliness of coffee brewing machine. If you have an espresso machine in your home, one of the important parts of your machine is espresso machine filter. You have to clean espresso machine filter regularly, but don’t worry it won’t take a lot of your time and you can do it easily with these steps.

Why has the espresso machine filter to be cleaned regularly?

The most important reason is to keep the best quality of your coffee. The dirty espresso machine can lead to the bad taste of your espresso. The espresso flavor can be sullied by oil residue which is left by coffee beans. The oil residue usually precipitates in espresso machine filter and if it is ignored for a long time it can cause off-flavor in your espresso. In the end, you will get the bad coffee drinks. The espresso machine filter or porta-filter is a part of espresso machine that requires cleaning most often and should be rinsed out after every use.


Before the cleaning process, you have to prepare several things that you need to clean espresso machine filter. They are hot water, a soaking bowl, a clean rag, a 1-inch squares scrub-sponge and espresso machine cleaner back-flush detergent.

Removing the residue

First, you should rinse the espresso machine filter with hot water. This filter is the round metal basket piece attached to a handle of your espresso machine. After that, wipe the basket cleanly and break the filter down into parts. Remove the tube-like pieces on the bottom and take apart any cover. Then, expose the inside of the filter by removing the round metal on the top of the basket. Scrub the inside of the filter with a scrub-sponge to remove the coffee residue which is precipitated in there.

Soaking the filter

Put the espresso machine filter into the soaking bowl. Pour hot water with espresso machine cleaner detergent on it and stir to dissolve. Make sure the filter has completely submerged in hot water. You should soak the metal part only and leave the handle out of the detergent. Let it soak for approximately 30 minutes.


After minimum 30 minutes of soaking, remove the filter from the soaking bowl and then rinse it with clean water. To make sure you have completely remove the residue, scrub the filter again with scrub-sponge while re-rinsing. After all clean, wipe the filter with a rag until it is dry. Don’t forget to reassemble the pieces of the filter.

Obviously, cleaning the espresso machine filter is relatively quick and not too difficult to do. So,always keep your espresso machine clean and don’t let the dirt damage your coffee taste.

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