The Top 5 Reason Why Indonesian Coffee Tastes Good

The Top 5 Reason Why Indonesian Coffee Tastes Good

By the time, Indonesia is the third largest coffee producer in the world. Indonesian coffee is well-known as the high-quality coffee with a high diversity of flavors, special aroma, and premium quality. There are several factors that you have to know that make Indonesian coffee tastes so good.

5 Reason Why Indonesian Coffee Tastes Good

1. The geographic location

Indonesia is an archipelago which is located between two oceans, Indian-Pacific, and two continents, Asia-Australia. The area is divided into two regions,north side and south side, by the equatorial line which lies at Indonesian zone. This geographic location makes Indonesia has a tropical climate. The tropical area is very good for growing coffee. From west to east, as long as Indonesian territory, there are many coffee plantations with their unique flavors. The suitable climate is the important reason why Indonesian coffee has a good quality.

2. The weather condition

Besides of its tropical climate, Indonesia has a perfect weather condition to grow a coffee. The high amount of rainfall and humidity is also the important factor that can make a good quality coffee. Most of the Indonesian coffee grow naturally in plantation without a chemical process in the factory. The natural process of growing coffee in Indonesia makes the fine quality coffee beans that can be processed later to produce tasteful coffee.

3. The prosperous land

One of the differences between Indonesian areas with other countries is about the land which is use to plant coffee. Indonesia is blessed with prosperous land in many regions of each island. The fact that Indonesia has many volcanoes also contributes to the extremely fertile land in Indonesia. The ash leftover after volcano eruption can improve the fertility of the land. The fertile land, of course, is the best place to grow coffee with the high quality. Because of this perfect factor, the quality of Indonesian coffee is unquestionable.

4. The after-harvesting process

After the coffee has been picked up from the tree, there are still several long processes until the coffee is ready to drink. Most of the Indonesian coffee farmer use the traditional technique to process green coffee beans. They don’t use a machine for processing to keep the quality of coffee beans. The manual technique is used for drying, wet processing, semi-washed processing, sorting, and roasting. These long traditionally Indonesian coffee process are the key to producing high-quality coffee.

5. The diversity of taste

We have known that Indonesia has many coffee plantations in each island. The flavor of coffee is always different depend on its origin. For example, the Sumatra coffee has intense flavor with cocoa and tobacco notes, while the Sulawesi coffee has a sweeter flavor than Sumatran with spice notes. Although the coffee is produced in one country but it has many variations of flavor so you can try its good taste one by one. The high diversity of flavors is an interesting factor for a coffee lover to taste the quality of Indonesian coffee.

The good taste of Indonesian coffee is influenced by some factors above. After you know the reason why Indonesian coffee tastes so good, I hope you are more interested in tasting it.

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