The Best Bali Coffee Shop Ranks in TripAdvisor

The Best Bali Coffee Shop Ranks in TripAdvisor

If you love Indonesian coffee and Bali, you need to visit Bali coffee shop at least once when visiting the island. Since there are so many coffee shops here, which one should you visit to get the ultimate coffee experience? Here is TripAdvisor’s list for the best Bali coffee shop, ranked from the highest.

The Best Bali Coffee Shop

Satu Satu Coffee Company

Satu Satu Coffee Company is one of the most favorite coffee shops in Denpasar (the capital of Bali). The coffee shop belongs to Sudana family, who are famous for having and producing high quality coffee in Bali since 1985.   Satu Satu Coffee Company serves various specialty coffee drinks, as well as breakfast and lunch.

Crumb & Coaster

Located in Kuta, Crumb & Coaster is a small Bali coffee shop that serves coffee, breakfast and lunch, with Western-oriented menu. It is located in strategic area in front of Barong Hotel. The coffee beverages are standard (espresso, café latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, etc), but they are made of the original, freshly ground Bali coffee.

Macheese Café

Macheese Café actually specializes in mac and cheese (as the name suggests), but it also offers good coffee beverages. This Bali coffee shop serves full-set Western meals, with coffee beverages such as espresso, café latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, and many more.

Nude Canggu

Another great coffee shop located in Denpasar, Nude Canggu gives you view to beautiful rice fields and the beach. This Bali coffee shop is a favorite for breakfast and brunch, with various light and heavy foods. The café even offers raw food menu and vegan dishes.

Loaf Candidasa

This Bali coffee shop is a combination between café and bakery. You can get coffee from freshly ground beans, such as espresso, mocha, Americano, café latte, and cappuccino. You can also buy freshly made sour dough, vanilla cake, carrot cake, banana pancake, pudding and sandwich.

The Shady Sack

The Shady Sack is located in Canggu and offers refreshing atmosphere, thanks to traditional elements in the building and trees that surround the café. This Bali coffee shop sells vegetarian dishes and fruit smoothies, but it also serves local coffee beverages.

Café La Pasion

Café La Pasion is located near Balangan Beach, and offers cozy atmosphere. The café serves freshly ground coffee, as well as typical light Western dishes such as ceviche, salad, pizza, and finger foods. Café La Pasion also has regular live music sessions.

Wacko Burger Café

This Bali coffee shop is famous in Seminyak for serving great coffee with their burgers, onion rings, and fish and chips. The café also serves “build your own” burger, in which you can choose the filling yourself.

CarameL Ubud

CarameL Ubud offers cozy atmosphere with its thatched roof and balcony-style area on the second floor. This café offers freshly ground coffee beverages, along with milkshake, various tea, cakes, tarts, and macaroons.

The Koop Roaster and Café

Located in Seminyak, this Bali coffee shop is a combination between roastery and café. You can taste fresh coffee beverages or buy newly-roasted coffee beans. There are various single-origin coffee beans from Indonesia to find here.

Bali offers a lot of great places to enjoy coffee. These Bali coffee shop options can be your start to find good coffee in Bali.

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