5 Unique Facts about Indonesian Coffee Luwak You Probably Don’t Know

5 Unique Facts about Indonesian Coffee Luwak You Probably Don’t Know

Indonesian coffee luwak is well-known by most of the coffee lover in the world, not only because of its special aroma but also its premium price. The coffee beans which are processed by natural fermentation in digestion system of an animal with local name luwak (civet) give the perfect taste of the coffee. Besides of the taste and the price, there are some unique facts you probably don’t know about Indonesian coffee luwak.

Facts about Indonesian Coffee Luwak You Need to Know

It exists since the 19th century

This coffee bean first produced at 1806 when Netherlands invaded Indonesia and applied culture stelsel or forced-planting. In the 19th century, coffee is one of the most wanted commodity in the world market. Therefore, Netherlands colonial government in Indonesia gave the order to plant coffee in most of the plantation in Java Island. The origin beans are Arabica coffee and imported from Yaman.

It is found accidentally

Believe or not, Indonesian coffee luwak is found accidentally by the farmer who forced to plant coffee by the order of colonial government. The farmers are forbid to pick coffee beans from their own land. Because of their curiosity about the taste of that coffee, they collect dry beans which have been eaten by luwak. After being cleaned and processed, obviously, the taste of luwak coffee was more delicious than the origin coffee. Since then, Indonesian coffee luwak became a precious product in the world.

The secret of Indonesian coffee luwak taste comes from natural fermentation

Luwak is the animal that likes to eat fruits. The coffee fruit is one of its favorite food. With its very sensitive sense of smell, luwak become selective to its food. It will eat only the coffee fruit that completely ripe. But, luwak can’t digest the coffee bean which is very hard. In luwak digestion system, the coffee bean is fermented by natural process. This natural fermentation gives premium taste to Indonesian coffee luwak.

The low production makes the high price

The low production is one of the main reason why the price of Indonesian coffee luwak is very expensive. The Indonesian coffee luwak bean is produced only 200 kg per year, while the total production of luwak coffee bean in all of the world is no more than 500 kg per year. This low production happens because people can’t control the behavior of luwak itself. People can’t force luwak to eat many coffee fruits every time to produce luwak coffee bean. Moreover, the good quality of luwak coffee is only obtained from wild luwak which live in the free habitat.

It is safe for people who suffer stomach disorder

Drinking coffee has become a lifestyle, but for some people drink a cup of coffee is a thing that has to be avoided. The high caffeine in coffee can cause a stomach disorder. But, the fear about coffee finally ended after people find the fact that Indonesian coffee luwak is safe to be consumed by people who suffer a stomach disorder. If you still feel queasy after drink luwak coffee, probably your luwak coffee is not pure.

Although the price of Indonesian coffee luwak is very expensive, this coffee is worth to try. If you are a true coffee lover, you have to taste this kind of coffee.

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