How to Make a Cup of Tasteful Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

How to Make a Cup of Tasteful Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling coffee is one of the best quality coffee produced in Indonesia. Grown on Andalas or Sumatra Island which is blessed with the abundance of volcanic soil and the tropical climate which is good for coffee plantation, Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a complex taste with many kinds of different notes.But, to get the primary taste of this coffee, you have to choose the right roasting and brewing method. Let’s see how to make a cup of tasteful Sumatra Mandheling coffee.

How to Make Tasteful Sumatra Mandheling Coffee?

The characteristic of Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

The coffee beans originally Arabica from Catimor and Typica variety. It grows on highland which is about 750-1500 meters above sea level in North Sumatra, West Sumatra,and Aceh. The coffee name itself comes from a sub-ethnic of Batak which is called Mandheling people.With the bunch of nutrition in soil, the coffee beans growing thrive and have unique flavors. Sumatra Mandheling coffee has low acidity taste with herbal, spicy, chocolate, clean earthy, and woody notes. Its aroma is slightly earthy and smooth. The beans are milled traditionally by the coffee farmer with giling basah technique or wet-hulled and sun-dried.


Basically, you can apply your favorite type of roasting, whatever your method. The Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a full body and rich of flavors, so whatever your roasting method, you can still get the fine taste of the coffee. But, to get the unique flavors of Sumatra Mandheling coffee, especially its full body and spicy notes, it is better if you use dark roast. The dark roast can strengthen the taste of coffee and create prominent spicy flavor.The medium roast is still fine but it can make this coffee less spicy.

Brewing method

To obtain the best experience of this coffee, you have to grind the beans based on the coffee brewer that you are using. So, it is better if you grind the coffee yourself with burr setting in your grinder machine. After you grind the coffee beans, you can go on to choose the brewing method. It depends on your personal preference but using the pour over method will give you the perfect taste. You can use a fine mesh filter rather than a paper filter to resist the coffee oils in order not to distract the main flavors.

Sumatra Mandheling coffee is one of coffee variety which is the best for cold brewed. The espresso drink with cream or milk is a perfect choice. You don’t need to worry about the addition of cream or milk because Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a strong main flavor so the original taste of this coffee doesn’t lose easily. But, if you prefer to taste its authentic flavors without any addition, it is still the great choice because this coffee is not too bitter.

Finally, a cup of espresso drink, like Ice Caffe Latte made with Sumatra Mandheling coffee is ready to drink. It is not the one and only way to taste this coffee, of course, you can make your own version in your home.

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