Comparing Coffee Grinder Baratza Types for the Right Use

Baratza has gained popularity among home baristas as affordable coffee grinder manufacturer since 1999, but coffee grinder Baratza also comes in various types. Choosing the right grinder is important to get the best coffee brewing result. Here are explanations about various types of coffee grinder Baratza, along with buying tips.

Comparing Coffee Grinder Baratza Types

Baratza Conical Burr Grinders

Serious home baristas often deride coffee grinders with conical burrs, but they are not always bad choices. Depending on how you usually make coffee every day, conical burr grinder can be a more economical option. You can choose between Baratza Virtuoso, Encore, and Preciso for conical burr grinders. Each coffee grinder Baratza with conical burr has 40mm burr blades, with capacity to grind 500 grams of coffee beans before replacement.

Coffee grinder Baratza with conical burr is recommended to make pour over or automatic drip coffee. If you only make coffee in single, small servings every day, or use Keurig capsule machine, this coffee grinder is a good option. You do not need to spend extra for something that you only use in low intensity.

Baratza Flat (Ceramic) Burr Grinders

Flat ceramic burr blades are present in coffee grinder Baratza types such as Forte and the Varios (Vario and Vario W).  These three grinders have 54mm flat blades made of ceramic, and the capacity to grind 750 grams of coffee beans before replacement. Flat burr variant has its durability improved, but still within reasonable price ranges for home baristas.

Due to the durability, coffee grinder Baratza with flat ceramic burr blades is perfect for heavier home use. If you often make espresso, or entertain guests with cups of coffee frequently, you will need something that can handle all the burdens. Baratza grinders with flat ceramic burr blades are also perfect for small-scale commercial use.

Remember, all the variants presented here are for home and small-scale business use. If you have large-scale business, such as café, restaurant or catering, you will need coffee grinders from commercial categories.

Coffee Grinder Baratza Accessories

Generally, coffee grinder Baratza offers grinder types for simple, moderate use and serious, more heavy-duty use. Conical burr grinders are better for the first, while flat ceramic burr grinders are for the second. However, whichever grinder you buy, there are things you should not forget: accessories.

Coffee grinder Baratza cannot work without proper accessories to make the grinder work smoothly. Here are several important Baratza accessories you need to buy:

1. Shut off hopper

This accessory keeps the excess coffee powder to spill over after you ground the beans and want to remove it from the grinder. The hopper has a kind of valve that you can close, preventing excess powder to be spilled and wasted. Baratza Forte comes with this, but you can also buy separate hopper to be attached on other model.

2. Coffee bean scale

The special scale is available with the purchase of Baratza Virtuoso, Preciso, and Encore. The scale for these products will stop automatically when you put more than 10 grams of coffee on it.

Baratza provides great grinders with affordable prices, but choosing the right type is important. Make sure you choose your coffee grinder Baratza carefully before buying.

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